MWFSHF: Chapter-14


[P01: It’s another day to be jealous of other people’s male lords, And jealousy is killing me!]

[P02: Why doesn’t my master treat me like this…oooooo…even if he was a twelfth of Master Gu…]

[P04: Hahaa…Master Gu must have gone to check if his female partner is reliable for the future or not. I heard that Major General Lu’s legs are completely paralyzed. This time it is estimated that the male lord will look for other females when he comes back.]

[P05: Ah, ahh, although this is unfair to Major General Lu, I am jealous! Master Gu is not only an S grade but also handsome and good to his female partner. I am the first one to sign up for his female servant! ]

[P06: It’s different for me. I don’t ask for status, but I just want to sleep with the class male zerg. 

PS: Maybe I can rise to s-level when I sleep with him.]

[P07: Upstairs just dream, is it so easy to sleep with an s-level male zerg?]

[P10: I’m not so vain! I am willing to dedicate all the assets of my family to the male zerg! 

PS: I am currently living in the capital star, there are five houses in the three planetary rings of the capital circle.]

[P11: Rich zerg upstairs!! Begging to support!]

[P12: Ha haaa, that’s it?? My dad is still a member of Congress, but I probably will not be just a female slave to an s-class male…]

[P13: I think it will be really exciting to share a male lord with Major General Lu!]

[P21: Upstairs, Major General Lu Chen will only want to kill you, but bury you deep. He has a deep affection for his male lord.]

[P24: No, Major General Lu Chen is paralyzed with his legs. Can he still act like this at home??]

[P25: Heheee, as long as the male lord likes me. I will teach Major General Lu Chen how to be a good female zerg in minutes.]

[P26: You should accumulate some virtue. Don’t forget who Major General Lu Chen suffered such a serious injury for.]

[P1: I think even with paralyzed legs, Major General Lu Chen looks better than the yin and yang females upstairs! Just look at his handsome face, all of you females can’t catch it! ]

[P18: Major General Lu Chen’s loyal fan came to wash the post again. His legs were paralyzed, so what is left there to wash??]

[P29: What about being the Imperial Knights? If you hit a rebel and gave away your two legs? Saying it all loses our zerg’s face.]

[P30: Major General Lu’s loyal fan, don’t crook the comment section, OK? I didn’t say that Major General Lu is not great, but greatness is a thing of the past. Now he can’t even walk on the road, still had to rely on her male lord? If the male master of his family still can’t marry other females then how will it work??]

[P22: If the male zerg really doesn’t marry other females, then Major General Lu just has to wait and starve to death.]

[P27: This post is really smoky, not correct, pointing to an empire hero like this!]

[P08: Co-authored upstairs, you don’t want to be a male zerg?]

[P35: I’m really confused, Major General Lu has been fighting for so many years, shouldn’t he have some savings?]

[P36: I think, he should have some money to support himself even if she was injured??]

[P40: Hehee, you are not the roundworm in the stomach of Major General Lu Chen, maybe he really has no money…]

“What?? There is no money at home?!”

After Lu Chen was discharged from the military hospital, Gu Yu put the female zerg in a wheelchair and pushed him home.

But before he could put down his luggage, Lu Chen began to share the family’s financial situation with him.

“We are about to run out of money.”

Lu Chen’s tone was flat as if he was just saying that there was no more rice at home for tonight’s dinner. 

And he even sent Gu Yu a detailed financial income and expenditure statement.

Looking at the statement, Gu Yu felt his brain hurt.

Lu Chen was quietly sitting in a wheelchair, his legs were tightly wrapped in a blanket by Gu Yu, and his fingertips were lightly sweeping across the screen of the light brain one by one.

Knowing that Gu Yu couldn’t understand the financial statement, Lu Chen calmly explained the items on the list to him one by one.



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8 months ago

I can’t wait for all those commentors to turn around and be jealous.Thank you for the chapter!💕