MWFSHF: Chapter-12


Lu Chen became more and more pessimistic as he thought about the report. 

But looking at his husband who was busy inquiring about his condition in the ward, he couldn’t bear to think more about it.

How long would this happy picture last in the future?

But after all, Lu Chen was a major general, and after the sorrow, he couldn’t help but plan for the future.

[Liu Zhen: Major General, Master Gu has feelings for you, he shouldn’t divorce you.]

[Liu Zhen: But with your legs…even if Master Gu doesn’t know about your infertility, he will still accept other females in the future.]

[Liu Zhen: The best way to deal with this situation right now is that you might as well support a few females and take care of the male lord’s heart as soon as possible. Even if they have a child in the future, they will be under your control.]

Lu Chen calmly looked at the words that kept popping up on the light brain. His eyes were light as if she was only looking at some official business.

Although Lu Chen spent most of the year on the military training and the battlefield, he wasn’t a worm who knows nothing. 

On the contrary, he was very clear about the internal struggle of female zergs. After all, Lu Chen had spent his childhood in a typical zerg family.

His female father wasn’t the female partner. He wasn’t even a female servant, he was just a female slave – located at the bottom of the chain in the big family.

Lu Chen grew up in that house until he was ten years old when his female father was ruthlessly kicked out of the house because he angered his male father.

Now that he was old, his memory of that time had somewhat faded. 

But looking back, Lu Chen should be grateful to his family for giving her the harsh training, so that he became who he was now.

But it was only because Lu Chen got up, and now he was living better than before. To be fair, if there was a choice, no zerg would want to live that kind of life again.

[Liu Zhen: Major General, please forgive me for telling the truth. You know it too well that this is one of the acknowledged practices of most zerg females, even if they have children, they use other females to win over their male lord.]

[Liu Zhen: And in your situation, it is much better to do it as soon as possible. Master  Gu still has feelings for you…]

Liu Zhen believed that it wouldn’t be difficult for Major General Lu to live in the future even after losing his legs and being unable to bear children with his male lord’s affections.

But after all, no one could bet whether in the future male lord of Major General Lu would change his heart or not.

Did you think that Lu Chen, who was paralyzed with his legs, was a drag, a bottomless rotten swamp??

And after being unable to conceive children, he had become a useless drag.

Lu Chen quietly stared at the screen, the faint blue light of the light brain reflected on his cold and deep facial features.

Lu Chen’s face could be regarded as handsome, but it is inferior to his lord’s appearance, which was amazing at a glance. 

Even if Gu Yu’s face was expressionless as if saying “all of you owe me money”, Lu Chen’s expressionless face was different.

Lu Chen had been in the upper ranks of the military for many years, and his words and deeds have a sense of control that had been acquired in the upper ranks for a long time. 

Coupled with the expressionless face no matter when and where it always made the zergs unable to guess his mind and subconsciously dare them not to look directly at him.

Even in the accident that took his legs away, Liu Zhen, who was closest to him, couldn’t see any specific emotions on Major General Lu Chen’s face.

Moreover, Liu Zhen didn’t dare to ask.

Next to Gu Yu, the attending doctor added Gu Yu’s contact.

And then began to talk about how to rehabilitate, how much exercise was appropriate every day, and how much exercise should be increased day by day and week by week.

Lu Chen glanced at Gu Yu, whose back was facing her. She lowered her eyelids, tapped her finger, and typed a line for Liu Zhen.

[Major General Lu: Has the Military Review Committee found out?]


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