MWFSHF: Chapter-11


Liu Zhen hurriedly folded the report and put it in the pocket of his uniform. After entering the ward, he calmly looked at Gu Yu, who had started talking to the doctor.

Then he quitly looked at his boss.

Lu Chen noticed Liu Zhen’s strangeness and cast an inquiring look.

Liu Zhen instantly winked his eyebrows and silently pointed to Gu Yu, who was talking to the doctor.

Lu Chen understood.

Liu Zhen had something to say and he didn’t want to speak in front of his male lord. So he picked up the monocular lens on the table, placed it in front of his eyes, and connected the optical brain.

Gu Yu saw it and thought that Lu Chen was being busy with the department’s work, so he continued to inquire about the possibility of Lu Chen’s recovery from the doctor.

The doctor was a female zerg who only worked in military hospitals all year round. He had seen all kinds of crippled legs and missing arms. It was just that this time it was different. He didn’t dare to be careless at all.

The female zerg with cripples legs was Major General Lu Chen, the commander of the Fifth imperial Army, one of the five leaders of the military, and a famous imperial knight.

Not to mention him, even his whole family was Major General Lu Chen’s fans.  

The imperial assembly and the military department also kept asking questions about Major General Lu Chen’s illness all the time. 

Each report had to be checked twice before sending it up. Over the past few days, as Major General Lu Chen’s attending doctor, he was so stressed that he had almost lost all his hairs.

Before the operation, he had solemnly explained the consequences to Major General Lu Chen, who was covered in blood at the time. 

In the operation, the leg was either going to be amputated or left, but Major General Lu could only be paralyzed for the rest of her life.

Major General Lu Chen insisted on keeping the leg at the time, and now…

The doctor glanced at the handsome male zerg in front of her, and sighed in his heart, thinking it was because of this male.

After all, if he were a dozen years younger, he would have also been fascinated by the male zerg in front of him. 

What’s more, so many females zergs outside were waiting for this moment. With so many rivals, if Major General Lu Chen had no legs, he would be much more inferior to those female zergs in appearance.

The male zerg asked him if she could recover. As a doctor, she still had to answer.

“The possibility of full recovery is very small. If you still insist on taking the repair liquid every day and do some less-intensified rehabilitation activities, you may be able to stand up someday in the future. But walking and living like a healthy zerg…”

The doctor said it all, but still, she couldn’t finish it in front of Major General Lu.

Gu Yu’s face was solemn, and he didn’t dare to look at Lu Chen, so he turned his back and asked the doctor, “Can you send me the name of the specific recommended brand of the repair fluid?”

It was the first time he had seen a male zerg who cared so much about his female partner but thinking of the fate that Major General Lu Chen might face next, the doctor sighed in his heart and calmly said, “Then I will add your optical brain?”

Here, Lu Chen didn’t notice Gu Yu’s solemn expression very much. He was wearing glasses and using his brain to send messages to Liu Zhen.

[Liu Zhen: Major General, I have already sent you the electronic copy of your physical examination report. You…you must be mentally prepared.]

Was there anything that could be worse than it was now?!

Lu Chen opened the report and took a quick look, knowing that the male zerg was still around him, he maintained the calm expression.

In fact, he had already felt it when he was injured. Lu Chen lowered her head and placed his hand that was wrapped in gauze on his lower abdomen.

When he was in a coma, he had vaguely felt the armor wreckage hitting his abdomen heavily. The pain was so sharp that he still seemed to feel it.

[The abdominal mucosa is severely damaged, and there may be zero chance of gestation in the future.]

Even if there was no expectation, it was another matter to really see the conclusion. This final blow made Lu Chen’s eyes black. 

His blood flowed up, full of complex emotions. The grief and anger rushed into his head together, but what??

He had no way to vent, and it was useless to vent.

The male zerg was still here, Lu Chen closed his eyes, and the darkness in front of him gradually passed away.

Lu Chen’s throat was astringent, unable to say a word.

He just touched his abdomen and curled up tightly, taking a deep breath.

Liu Zhen was frightened. 

He carefully watched Lu Shen but the male zerg was still there so he didn’t dare to ask aloud. After all, the major general’s male lord didn’t know about this matter now.

Liu Zhen had been careful to hide the news. But he didn’t know long he could hide it?!

For a zerg, there was no greater sin than not being able to reproduce.

Even if Gu Yu didn’t intend to marry other female zergs, the Male Zerg Protection Association would definitely force them. 

They would make the infertile Major General Lu Chen nod her head and send other female zergs in.

Being able to stay as one male and one female couple for five years with an s-class male zerg, Lu Chen had long been burdened with pressure from all sides.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have to stop at the post of major general for his outstanding military exploits in the past five years.

Now, Lu Chen has fallen. Numerous zergs from all sides had waited for this day. 

When Major General Lu fell and couldn’t get up again. Now they could step on his head and climb on top of him.

After all, who didn’t want an s-class male zerg??



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