MWFSHF: Chapter-10


Gu Yu tightly held Lu Chen’s shoulders, looked at him up and down, and made sure that the female zerg was okay, and then only he glanced at the broken glass and water stains on the ground.

Lu Chen hurriedly explained, “I…just want to clean up, so that you don’t see it…but now you see it…I can’t clean it up…I…”

“I will clean it up.” Gu Yu directly said.

Gu Yu wanted to put the female zerg back on the bed, but Lu Chen held him down and looked at him with deep eyes while calmly retelling the fact.

“I am saying – Master, I can’t stand up.”

This wasn’t a temporary disability, it was a fact that she couldn’t stand up forever. 

Did Gu Yu understand what this means?! A permanent disability!!

Lu Chen was afraid that this simple male zerg hadn’t understood this fact clearly, so he had to prove it to Gu Yu with his actions.

Lu Chen tried to stand up and fell again, but this time he fell into the arms of the male zerg.

Gu Yu hugged him tightly from behind, buried his head deep in his neck, and with a trembling voice, he said, “I know…I know. You don’t have to show me.”

Lu Chen was a worm with strong self-esteem, to let him say once again that he couldn’t stand up, was like hurting him again.

Those words brought him no less pain than creating a secondary injury.

Lu Chen fell silent. 

He lowered her eyes, and moved his mouth in vain, his useless self-esteem didn’t allow him to ask, “Then…Master do you still want me??”

However, Gu Yu still spoke, hugging him tightly from behind. His voice slowly brushed against his ears with moisture.

“It’s okay, everything is okay.” Gu Yu kept murmuring in a small solemn tone.

“Lu Chen…Let me be your legs from now on. Okay??”

Life was magical, five years ago, Gu Yu would never have thought that one day he would say this to any zerg.

“Nothing…Nothing can separate us.” Gu Yu pressed his head against the back of Lu Chen’s neck.

He was a lazy person, lazy about life, lazy about feelings, but he always had a clear mindset.

He and Lu Chen were different, they were completely two kinds of zergs. 

Gu Yu never felt that Lu Chen, who had always been strong inside and outside, needed a sense of security from him.

But now it seemed that he was wrong.

If he hadn’t smashed the glass and fallen off the bed today, a person as dull as him would always be deceived by his calm apperance.

Lu Chen’s black eyes were flushed and his back was facing Gu Yu. 

The male zerg’s sudden frank confession had caught him off guard – Gu Yu had rarely said such things to him.

He felt like being in a bubble and fell into a daze. All his emotions instantly burst up by the male zerg’s warm words.

Lu Chen paused and slowly turned towards Gu Yu.

Gu Yu slowly let go of the female zerg’s shoulder and clasped his fingers, and then asked softly, “Well, my princess?”

Lu Chen stared at him silently and then solemnly nodded.

Gu Yu bowed his head gracefully like a nobleman and kissed the female zerg’s on the back of his hand and gracefully said, “Then my major general, now can I have the honor to send you back to bed, and let the doctor come in and take a look at you?”

Lu Chen tilted his head and stared at the male zerg with his white-haired head resting on his shoulders. 

She showed a faint smile and directly said, “Don’t talk in yin and yang…just talk well.”

As she said, she gently adjusted the long ponytail that was crooked at the back of Gu Yu’s head.

“Yes, my princess!!!” 

Gu Yu laughed and gave a non-standard military salute to Lu Chen. 

After helping Lu Chen to the bed, Gu Yu went to open the door. 

There was a group of zergs encircling the door, listening to the corner of the door.



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8 months ago

Thanks for the chapters.