MWFSHF: Chapter-1


At that moment, the blue starry sky that should have been shining was densely covered in a black cloud.

But this dark cloud wasn’t because of climate change but was the dark-colored iron fleet that shrouded over the surrounding.

The fleet was strictly disciplined and traveled silently in the universe. 

The rebels who slaughtered the X star were caught off guard, seeing the fleet. 

“Empire’s fleet! It’s an empire’s fleet!”

The zerg residents on X Star raised their heads, and everyone started shouting.

“The empire’s fleet is here!”

“They will save us!”

“Save us!”

The X star was a small planet on the interstellar system, its industries weren’t very developed. However, half a month ago, this unknown planet made numerous headlines in the “Empire Star”. 

Without any warning, the imperial troops on the X Star suddenly launched a rebellion and overnight occupied this planet.

Although the interstellar planets in the empire had tension on the border, internally they had always been stable. This small planet was also located inside the empire’s territory.

The sudden occurrence of rebellion within the empire was unexpected. Because of which various conspiracy theories on the Star Network came into being, such as this was caused by enemy spies and military officials, etc.

However, no worm had taken it seriously, they didn’t feel that the little rebellion on a small planet could create a big splash in the empire that was boundless in the galaxy. 

The major media network and various debate forums were exuberantly arguing about the origin of this rebellion.

The empire allowed those rebels to jump around for a week, before clearing the border dispute first. Now, finally, they came to deal with these little bugs

The rebels were huge in numbers, but in front of the exceptionally vast ‘Fifth Army Fleet,’ they seemed like pebbles hitting a giant rock.

The rebels who earlier had the guts to rebel were now panicked looking at the fleet. They had used all the missiles they had on X star but still weren’t able to shake the starships.

Some zerg living on X star recognized the silver armor that was rushing towards them.

They all started cheering.

“Major General Lu Shen! It is Major General Lu Chen!”

“It’s the commander of the Fifth Army! Major General Lu Chen!”

“Empire Knight!”

The residents on X star were stunned. Even those who hadn’t dared to open the doors and the windows in the past few days, had their heads sticking out excitedly.

Their heads were pointing towards the extremely handsome silver armor hovering over the top of their heads. 

The silver armor walked through the rain of bullets and fluently killed the insects only leaving an afterimage in the dark sky.

Near! It was getting closer!

The hearts of all the rebels were in their throats.

The rebels in horror watched the silver armor escape the attacks of countless bullets and cannons. They could only watch the silver armor fluently approaching them and could do nothing about it.

“Damn! That Bastard Lu Chen! Why is she here?!”

“Fuck! Wasn’t she supposed to be at the border?”

“Leader, let’s go! Leave it alone! Now, we can only use that weapon to win!” A female zerg in the rebels shouted.

Before he could finish his words, with a “bang”, the silver armor threw a cannon causing the main control room of the rebels ship’s explodes in an instant, causing panic in the control room.

The female zerg led the rebels, and stood in front of the destroyed control room, before he had time to dodge, his head fell.

The silver armor had already come face to face with the rebels like a cold war weapon without any feelings.

“Get out! Bring the secret weapon! Kill this Bastard! Kill it!” Coming so close to the ‘Imperial Knight’ the leader was terrified.

He sharply commanded.

“He is too close to shoot!”

“Shoot at their main ship! Lu Chen will go back to intercept it! Hurry, shoot it!”

“Boom” a cannon with a light as bright as daylight was fired, nearly blinding the eyes of all the zergs looking in that direction.

What the hell? What was it?!

The ears of all the zergs were buzzing from its noise.

In the control room of the Fifth Army, Lieutenant Liu Zhen hurriedly stood up and exclaimed, “What is it? What they just shot?!”

TL Note:

The zerg novels are yaoi(bl). Both the partners are male according to us(humans), but in zergs, the society is divided into male zerg(weak males who can’t conceive) and female zergs(strong males who can conceive), and sub-females(males who can conceive but are not very strong).

The original writer has given the ‘Pure-Love’ tag to the book – it means bl in Chinese.

This zergs genre was created to have a mpreg protagonist in bl novels just like omegaverse.


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