TLJDFL: Chapter-11 Making Money (Part-2)


“What is the market price of rapeseed, Brother Zhuzi?”

Li Zhuzi answered, “The price mainly depends on different varieties. Usually, you need a packet of rapeseed to plant an acre of field, costing around four cents.”

He added, “The land allotted to your family is two-acre, so eight cents will be needed.”

Li Jin wanted to know the price of many things but to avoid any suspicion, he only asked about the crops and their cost.

They arrived in the town around eight. 

Before Li Zhuzi went to sell the firewoods he had chopped, he pointed the direction to the clinic to Li Jin.

“This is the clinic where everyone from our village went for treatment. The doctor and person who manage the shop are very good.”

This town had three clinics, the clinic pointed by Li Zhuzi was small and remote, the cost of treatment was also cheap. 

After thanking Li Zhuzi, Li Jin said, “Brother Zhuzi, I am going to sell herbs. I will go back on my own after selling it.”

Li Zhuzi said, “Okay, I have to carry and deliver some other items first, you should go back to the village first.”

After parting away, Li Jin went to the direction Li Zhuzi pointed without looking at the other two clinics which were located on the main street.

Li Jin knew for a medical clinic to be opened on the main road, there must be a good power operating behind it. And in that kind of place, there wouldn’t be any shortage of medicinal herbs.  

The apprentice sitting in the clinic was named Zhou Gui, the name was given by his family in the hope for him to have a nobleman future.

After hearing the sound of the steps, Zhou Gui looked at the door and thought someone was sick early in the morning.

But, when he looked he found a very good looking man wearing coarse clothes walking inside the clinic.

The man had the demeanor of a scholar, but why was he so handsome?

Even though the man was very handsome, Zhou Gui didn’t mistake him for ‘ger’ because the man was tall and had a masculine look.

Moreover, this man had no red mole on his beautiful face. 

Zhou Gui stared at the man, and said, “Mr. have you come here to seek some medical advice? I have to call my master, he is in the back hall.”

Li Jin replied, “My surname is Li. I am not here for treatment, but to sell medicinal herbs. Do you need some herbs in your clinic?”

Zhou Gui was surprised, the herbs they needed were mainly collected from the nearby mountains every year by an expert. 

They didn’t accept the herbs from the villagers because those people had no idea of extracting medicinal plants from the soil, and they mainly damaged the plants during the collection process.

Zhou Gui was hesitating, he thought this person was a noble scholar, but the man came here to sell herbs.

The hesitation of Zhou Gui was mainly because of the handsome face of this man, finally, he was defeated by the value of this handsome face and said, “You can show me the herbs, if it is not damaged, I will ask my master to come back.”

Li Jin thanked the apprentice and took out the bundles of the medicinal herbs tied neatly by the thread.

The plants were still covered in dew and we’re very fresh.

Even though the amount was small, Zhou Gui was astonished by the careful handling of those medicinal plants by this man Li.

Zhou Gui was relieved, thankfully this man had skills and knew medicinal plants.

The medicinal herbs collected by this person were better than that of an expert. The roots of herbs were intact, and all the herbs were of the same size. 

Those herbs were top-grade herbs. 

Zhou Gui hurriedly said, “Mr. Li, please wait. I am going to call my master.”

Li Jin nodded and said thank you, the apprentice quickly went inside.

A few moments later, a man strode from the back hall. While examining the herbs, the man said, “These are really ‘Skullcaps’ with intact roots.”

 Looking at the handsome man, he asked, “You have collected these plants?”

Li Jin nodded his head and replied yes.

The man asked again, “You want to sell them?”

Li Jin again said yes.

The man said, “My surname is Wu, I am the doctor of this clinic. I am interested in buying your herbs. I can pay you three hundred cents for these herbs at the market price. I am willing to add ten more cents for the good quality of the herbs.”

After receiving three hundred ten cents, he thanked the doctor and the apprentice and left.

Doctor Wu stopped Li Jin, and said, “Mr. Li, do you regularly pick these herbs? If you want you could sell us these herbs in the future, I would add ten more cents in the cost.”

Li Jin stopped at the clinic for a while to discuss the price and quantity of these medicinal plants.

They decided the frequency for the herb supply as twice a month. 

Li Jin happily left the clinic with three hundred ten cents in his purse. 



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2 years ago

Thank you for the update! I’m glad Li Jin is starting to get things figured out. I’m sure his ger will be happy.

2 years ago

Thanks for the update ❤️ he’ll be able to grab some supplies now (人*´∀`)。*゚+ got to look after little wifey and babe!

2 years ago

Thx for the update :3

1 year ago

Thanks for the translation, yay for making money!

1 year ago

I highly doubt doctors in modern era would recognize plants in their natural habitats. Most medicines are made from specific parts/ingredients of the plants, and medical practitioners just see the packaged products,

Still, this is interesting

7 months ago
Reply to  lunaticv

No you would be shocked they actually know quite a lot specially if they took degrees and all. I had seen doctors who understand herbs quite well and knows many tablets source. That’s why medical is so hard to learn as you need to learn some useless things which might benever useful in your whole working career. Still those things are knowledge