TLJDFL: Making Money Chapter-11 (Part-1)


After Li Jin healed his foot, Li Zhuzi had got a different level of respect for Li Jin. 

Earlier he always regarded Li Jin as a mud-puddle but now Li Jin was a prodigal son in his eyes.

It was around seven in the morning, and many villagers had woken up and some had even started working.

A few women were carrying bamboo baskets with eggs and embroidered purses to sell in the town. 

The men were going to the fields, to harvest the wheat. Farming was the main income source in the village.

According to Li Jin’s assessment, it should be the month of June. 

After leaving the village, the river belt came into the view where he went to wash his clothes yesterday.

Some distance away from the river, the fields filled with golden-colored wheat plants.

Li Jin observed that there was the only type of crop in all those fields, the only difference could be found by the length of crop grown.

Some fields have a good harvest of wheat, but in others, the harvest was somewhat average because of numerous weeds in the fields.

The growth of weeds in those fields had slowed the growth of the crops, because of them the wheat plants couldn’t get enough nutrition and didn’t grow well.

The harvest depends on the farmer’s hard work to remove weeds from the fields and provide proper conditions for the wheat crop to be grown.

A little further away, Li Jin saw a field mainly filled with weeds. 

Li Zhuzi looked at the field and pointed while saying, “Li Jin looked at your field, if you don’t get a good harvest, this year I don’t think you will be able to pay the rent.”

Li Jin was speechless, so this field of weeds was his allotted land.

Li Zhuzi said, “Even though the village-chief only accepts a bag of wheat flour for the rent, looking at your field maybe harvesting even a bag of flour would be difficult.”

He added, “Li Jin, you are a scholar, so you don’t go to the field to cultivate the crops. Earlier it was your mother and now your husband works in the field. But because of the pregnancy, he was not able to remove the weeds, so your fields were full of weeds now.”

After looking at the field, Li Jin was already planning to buy some good seeds to plant. 

Looking at Li Jin’s concentrated face, Li Zhuxi thought Li Jin was getting angry with his husband.

Hurriedly Li Zhuzi wanted to rectify his earlier statement, and said, “It wasn’t your husband’s mistake, his stomach was already very big at the time of removing weeds, so he couldn’t bend. At that time you also didn’t work in the field or help him in the work, so the weeds grew.”

Looking at Li Zhuzi, Li Jin said, “I know, I will not bully him.”

Li Zhuzi would have never believed Li Jin’s words if it was said by him earlier but now it was different, he had faith in Li Jin’s words.

Mainly all the men in the village who bullied their wives daily while being drunk would say promising words like this when they wake up.

But, those men were incapable and would never do cooking or laundry to help their wives. They only treat their wife as servants. 

The wives of those men have had to even work and subsidize their family without getting any respect or humanly treatment from their family. 

Mostly the little money they had earned would be used by those men to buy wine and be drunk. 

And after they got drunk, they would again start hitting their wife creating a very vicious circle.

The Li Jin, he knew earlier was from this kind of category of men.

Hence, he never believed Li Jin’s. But now looking at the calm face of Li Jin and his serious tone, he somehow believed him.

Without continuing the topic, Li Jin asked about crops and their habitat with Li Zhuzi.

Li Zhuzi didn’t doubt Li Jin because he knew Li Jin had lived like a woman all his life without any understanding of the outer world.

Li Jin wanted to immediately understand this world and quickly find a way to earn money. 

In the village, after the main crop season was gone, the villagers would grow vegetables, rapeseed, and other small edible plants for their use and it couldn’t be sold in the market for the money. 

Li Jin found the village was like a large household. 

The village-chief was the most powerful person in the village, he had the power to allocate the fields, decide the crops to cultivate, and monopolize the whole supply of vegetables from the village to the town market. 

Li Jin never thought about selling the homegrown vegetables to the market. 

His family needed vegetables, if planted well this piece of land was enough to feed his family.


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