TLJDFL: Chapter-9 Trust (Part-2)


Li Jin was feeling very hungry after feeding the baby. He had only eaten a slice of pancake in a whole day.

He chose to first take care of the father and son pair then cook something for himself later.

This was his responsibility and obligation as a man of the house.

He decided to cook some noodles given by Li Zhuzi.

Li Jin took the bag of noodles and said to Qin Mu Wen, “This bag contains some noodles and some buns. You shouldn’t go to the fields these days, otherwise, your body will be damaged. And it will be difficult to carry a child in the future.”

Li Jin went to the kitchen, and boiled a bowl of kneaded noodles, and made a poached egg for the teenager.

He found a small yellow crystal in the bag that Li Zhuzi had given him. 

After tasting a small piece of it he found it was a sugar crystal. 

Li Jin put that crystal in the teenager’s bowl. 

He put the bowl on the small cabinet beside the bed and called Mu Wen who was dozing while holding the baby.

“He is asleep, you should put him down. And come drink some soup first.”

The baby started crying as soon as Mu Wen put him down. It was like he thought that his fathers were not caring about him.

Before Li Jin took the child to appease him, Qin Mu Wen hurriedly picked up the child and said, “Let me hold him for a while. You should eat your noodles first otherwise it won’t taste good after becoming cold.”

Li Jin thought about it and nodded his head.

Qin Mu Wen was studying Li Jin’s expression for a while, and he found that Li Jin had only shown a frown when the child got dirty during the milk-feeding.

Otherwise, Li Jin’s face had always been expressionless. His behavior had shown no change. It was as if he didn’t like the ‘ger’ identity of the child.

On the contrary, it was looking like Li Jin was caring about him because of the birth of the baby.

Li Jin was taking care of him with very much consideration. 

Li Jin was even ready to appease the baby without caring about his meal.

After seeing that Qin Mu When finally let go of his heart. 

He was living in this village for more than a year. He had seen many scenes like a poor family with six kids.

The father of those kids would love the youngest girl the most. He even covered her with a quilt in the night.

And the next day, he would send the girl to the town for some silver as the bride of some dead boy.

After the other villagers knew about it none of them had any objections regarding it. They even thought that it would be nice if they had a girl. They could raise her well and then exchange her for a dozen of silver.

This society was not good for women. 

Earlier Qin Mu Wen was worried that Li Jin also wanted to do dirty business with his child.

After giving birth to a ger, Qin Mu Wen was more than worried about the child’s wellbeing.

But now watching him holding the child after quickly eating his meal. He thought Li Jin would never do such a thing to their child. 


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2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter again!

2 years ago

Yeah, times where a girl/woman was just good for being sold.. I don’t know what was wrong with the brain of those people. And og those people who still think that females are inferior in everything… ^^°

Thx for the update :3

2 years ago

This society is a bit scary for women and ger. Thank you for the update!

2 years ago

Thank you for the update:)