TLJDFL: Chapter-9 Trust (Part-1)


Li Jin was very shocked. 

He had earlier teased Mu Wen that by drinking soup he could produce milk. That sentence was still ringing in his ears. 

Has he unknowingly molested Qin Mu Wen?

Li Jin was kind and humble to everyone, if you ask for his help, as long as he could, he will help you. But, at the same time, it was very difficult for anyone to create a place in his heart.

In his past life, when Li Jin was studying in the medical college because of his excellent appearance and outstanding grades many girls liked him. But, he refused them all.

There was a particularly persistent girl. Even though Li Jin told her, ‘I will not fall in love’, she persisted for a whole eight years in college chasing him. But was still unable to warm Li Jin’s heart, in the end, she finally gave up.

Later, after Li Jin started working in the hospital a male doctor chased him. 

“Li Jin. The fact that the college flower couldn’t chase you is well known, are you gay? Do you want to try and date me?”

Li Jin got speechless. 

Li Jin always had his principles and values. He didn’t easily make friends or acknowledge them. He never wanted to do things that would make people misunderstand him.

Friends could joke with each other, but they couldn’t hurt others. 

Li Jin had just known this teenager, the contact between them was more of the doctor and patient relationship. 

But as a doctor, how could he molest his patient!

Li Zhuzi looked at the calm complexion of Li Jin’s and said, “You shouldn’t worry about your sister-in-law’s opinion. Take these things as a thank you gift for fixing my legs. There is no need to talk about money between brothers.”

Before Li Jin could react, Li Zhuzi stuffed things in his hands. 

Li Zhuzi’s wife was feeling extremely unhappy while sending away the rice.

They have a large family and giving away rice meant that the porridge was going to be thinner at home. 

Was giving away rice to Li Jin worth it?

She blasted. She didn’t want to send her family’s ration to others.

Li Zhuzi quickly tried to explain Li Jin. 

Li Jin signed, he couldn’t be polite at the moment.

He took all the things Li Zhuzi gave him and thanked him.

When he returned, the baby was already crying because of being hungry. The teenager was unable to coax him.

Li Jin hurriedly heated little goat’s milk with some water and fed the mixture to the baby slowly.

In the midsummer evening setting, a teenager was sitting on a wooden bed with a small baby in his arms portraying beautiful scenery while the husband was slowly feeding milk to the baby.

The family was looking quiet but yet very happy.

There were no pacifiers or bottles for babies. Li Jin could only use a spoon to feed the baby.

After taking a sip, the baby vomited out the milk.

Qin Mu Wen became worried while looking at Li Jin. 

The look in those eyes was extremely anxious. He was extremely afraid of Li Jin’s getting angry and hitting the child.

Qin Mu Wen knew Li Jin looked down on ‘gers’. But now, not only him but this child was also a ger.

Qin Mu Wen was truly very worried about the safety of the child.

When Li Jin saw the baby vomiting the goat’s milk, he frowned. 

He slowly put down the baby and searched for a soft fabric from the items he had brought from Li Daniu.

After picking a soft fabric, he tied it gently around the collar of the baby, to protect the baby’s cloth from getting dirty. 


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