TLJDFL: Chapter-8 Goat Milk (Part-2)


Li Jin found Qin Mu Wen quite pitiful.

Li Jin was his only relative, and if he didn’t take care of him, then who will?

This caused a headache for Li Jin.

What was this boy thinking? Was the boy still thinking about washing clothes after going through childbirth?

Li Jin didn’t understand what kind of man the original was? Even in this condition, the boy didn’t want to rely on him.

Li Jin commanded, “You don’t have to worry about household chores. You only need to take care of your body. Okay.”

After listening to Li Jin’s command, Qin Mu When shrank his shoulders.

Li Jin got speechless, “…”

Was the original owner not only scum but also abuse him?

Li Jin suddenly signed.

Li Jin rubbed his hands and then reached inside the quilt to touch the boy’s hands.

There were some calluses on the boy’s hands which weren’t hardened yet. It meant that the boy started doing hard work after the marriage. Maybe his childhood wasn’t so tiresome.

“I will never hit you. If you want to talk about anything in the future, you can tell me and then we will discuss the thing together.”

Qin Mu Wen didn’t know what to do when Li Jin held his hands. Li Jin even talked so calmly and patiently with him while holding his hands.

This contact was different from the earlier hugging. That time, both he and Li Jin didn’t speak.

But now, hearing Li Jin’s soft voice, Qin Mu Wen could only nod his head foolishly. 

After Li Jin saw Mu Wen nodding his head, then he went out to hang the washed clothes in the backyard to dry.

Then he went to the kitchen to take out the rest of the chicken soup.

“You haven’t eaten much, come and finish this soup.” Li Jin was himself hungry but he could bear it.

The chicken soup was smelling delicious after being simmered till now. Li Jin had even removed the top oil coating which made it look more pleasing.

After taking two bites, Qin Mu When said, “A’Jin.”

Li Jin stopped feeding the boy and asked, “Huh?”

“You can eat the rest, I am not feeling hungry.”

As soon as Mu Wen finished saying this, his stomach grumbled.

After giving birth, the mother would need to eat something after two hours. Childbirth was a very tiring process, Mu Wen must be hungry.

But Qin Mu Wen also guessed that Li Jin would also be feeling hungry, maybe he didn’t even have eaten anything. 

He didn’t even know where this chicken came from. A chicken costs forty wens, he had not eaten meat in years.

Li Jin was only feeding him, without taking a bite. So, Mu Wen gathered his courage to say this. 

This boy was too sensible.

Li Jin didn’t react to the Mu Wen stomach grumbling and still fed a spoonful of chicken soup. 

“Open your mouth.”

Qin Mu Wen was a little afraid of Li Jin, when he heard his voice, he opened his mouth and drank the soup.

After drinking a bowl of soup, the teenager burped.

Li Jin chuckled and asked, “Are you full?”

The youth nodded his head.

“Was the soup delicious?”

After nodding, Mu Wen said, “It was delicious.”

“Do you know why I gave you this chicken?”

The youth didn’t know, he was feeling a little shy. Only his father had left delicious food for him, in the past.

Li Jin said, “By drinking this soup, you have more milk.”

The boy became red after hearing it.

This was indeed the truth, pregnant women needed tonics and soups for good post-delivery and lactation health.

Seeing the boy’s red face, Li Jin stopped teasing him and patted his head.

“I will not tease you anymore. I am going to buy some goat’s milk from the village for the child to eat.”

Even though the best food for a newborn baby is the breast milk of a mother, Li Jin thought gers couldn’t produce milk. This world could not be that much perverted to let gers have breastfeeding ability.

Li Jin could only think of cooking a thin slurry paste of rice and then add goat’s milk to it, to make a newborn’s food. But for that, he first needed some goat milk.

Li Jin went to Li Zhuzi’s house and asked for some rice and goat’s milk. 

Li Jin could recall Li Zhuzi’s house, when he arrived he saw Li Zhuzi was holding cans and bottles in his hands.

When Li Zhuzi saw Li Jin, he came and said, “Gers are not very good at breastfeed, so take these eggs, rice, and goat’s milk for the child.”

Li Jin got speechless, “?”

So, gers could breastfeed. This world was way too perverted, Li Jin thought.



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Thank you for the update.

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thanks for the update!!

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Kekeke unfortunetely this world is perverted la Li Jin xD

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Thank you for the translation ❤️ and how is it perverted that the body which can carry a baby can produce food for the baby? Even human males in times of hardship are known to have lactated.

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