TLJDFL: Chapter-7 Wash Clothes (Part-2)


Li Jin walked back with the big man towards the village, and the women who had given him the pier to wash his clothes also followed after them.

The man was walking very slowly while grimacing all the way. 

Li Jin stopped walking and thought about how to call him, he still didn’t know his name. 

But suddenly, a name flashed in his mind – ‘Li Zhuzi’.

Li’s family had a way to choose a name.

First Li Daniu, then Li Zhuzi.

After remembering his name, Li Jin called out and said, “Brother Zhuzi, is something wrong with your foot?”

Li Zhuzi gave a shallow smile and said, “This is not a big problem. I will just have to use a stiff board to clamp it tightly and rest for a while. After a good sleep, it will be alright.”

The village people have their way of doing things, their self-administered treatments were simple and logical.

Li Jin looked at him and said, “Brother Zhuzi, sit on this boulder, and let me take a look at your foot.”

Li Zhuzi’s foot wasn’t like this before, he once slipped in a pit, and from that time one of his legs became useless.

The bones in his injured foot got misaligned, causing him pain while walking.

Li Jin had Li Zhuzi’s ankle and inspected it.

Li Zhuzi looked at the well-maintained hands of Li Jin while thinking scholars have a beautiful pair of hands.  

A scholar had a different aura, even though Li Jin didn’t learn well but still, his disposition was very different from other villagers.

Li Jin was most satisfied with his hands, the hands of this body were slender and had no hardness in the palm. 

This was the hand of a pampered master.

Li Jin didn’t give Li Zhuzi any time to react and while inspecting. Li Jin abruptly pointed his hand at a position and broke his bones.

Li Zhuzi shouted in pain.

The women washing clothes at the river looked at them and said, “Don’t you know, fighting is not allowed in our village.”

Li Zhuzi tried to bear the pain and hoarsely replied, “We are not fighting. Li Jin is straightening my bones.”

Li Jin supported Li Zhuzi to stand up, and said, “First, try to walk on the ground.”

Li Zhuzi was somewhat scared to walk, he thought he would be in great pain, but as he took his first step, he somehow didn’t feel any pain or discomfort.

After looking at Li Zhuzi’s relieved expression, Li Jin went back to the river and washed his hands.

Earlier Li Zhuzi had placed his ox-cart near to the river, hence he asked Li Jin to put his tub filled with washed clothes inside the cart, and walked back on foot with Li Jin.

“Li Jin, your bone straightening technique is far better than the doctors of the town.”

Li Jin didn’t tell him, he was an expert in surgery and had a specialized degree in operation. He could still recall some of the basic bone alignment and bone-setting methods.

Li Zhuzi was very thankful to Li Jin, and he talked a lot in excitement while coming back to the village.

Li Zhuzi said, “Are you still preparing for the scholar’s exam, if not you could join any doctor as an apprentice, it will help you support your family. Your husband could only make two-three copper coins while sewing clothes daily. If you joined a clinic, you could easily make a dozen copper coins in a month.”

Li Jin was thinking hard, how to make some money to support his family.

As per Li Zhuzi’s statement, the doctor in this era usually made three-four silver teals a month. 

According to the conversion rate of this era, three silver teals were three hundred copper coins, and which was three thousand pennies. And one penny had a hundred cents.

This dynasty was somewhat similar to the Qing dynasty.

Li Jin asked, “Is chicken sold for forty pennies?

Li Zhuzi replied, “That’s the rate in the town, if you want you could buy the chicken from Li Daniu at a cheaper rate, maybe at a rate of 35 pennies.”

Li Jin understood the commodity rate and conversion rate of this era.

Li Jin nodded, then he probably has a certain understanding of the purchasing power of money in this era.

There was only eight-nine cent left at home, he could only buy a bun from it.

His family was very poor.

Li Zhuzi endlessly instructed Li Jin about money and the benefits of saving it.

Li Zhuzi felt Li Jin had changed, he was happy for Li Jin’s husband.

Li Zhuzi told Li Jin to stop wasting money on wine and innovate the displayed house. A newborn baby was susceptible to cold in such a leaky house.

He told Li Jin, to earn money to ensure food and clothes for the baby. And even to prepare some extra money for medicines and health care.

The child mortality rate was high in the ancient era and those people would always be prepared for such tragedies by saving some money at home.

Li Jin knew, he had to repair his house first otherwise in the rainy season the house would become humid, which would be bad for the baby.

Watching Li Jin hearing him so attentively, Li Zhuzi was feeling relieved.

When they arrived in the village, some villagers saw Li Zhuzi walking smoothly and asked him, “Li Zhuzi, do you get some kind of treasure, you even went to the hospital to treat your broken leg?”

Li Zhuzi laughed loudly and told him, “Why do I need to go to a hospital when I have a genius doctor with me.”

Those villagers became speechless, “..”



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