TLJDFL: Chapter-28 (Part-2)


Li Jin went back and told the teenager about the price of the cloth.

He said, “I didn’t expect the price of cotton cloth to be so expensive. Wait until August, we will have a piece of cotton cloth then you can make me clothes.”

Moreover, he had been intensively exercising recently. By that time, his muscles probably have a contour, and his body size would be somewhat stable. 

If the new clothes were to be made now, they would become smaller in a few months.

Hearing this, the teenager felt a little regretful. Recently he didn’t have any work to do other than cooking and taking care of the children.

Although his body needed to be raised, he was too leisurely like this.

Li Jin really wanted to instill the concept of ‘you can be a little squeamish’ in the youth’s mind, but there was always work in the eyes of the youth.

Li Jin scratched his nose and tried to reason, “Is taking care of the children not tiring enough? When the kid cries, you have to hold him, doesn’t it make your arms sore??”

Under Li Jin’s concerned gaze, the teenager seriously and slowly shook his head in response.

Li Jin, “…” 

Well, his husband seemed to be weak, but he could actually cultivate two acres of wheat by himself. Not only he could do farm work but also take care of the whole family.

The youth noticed that he had unknowingly refuted Li Jin’s words, so he hurriedly said, “The little bun is very good. He falls asleep after he’s full and eats when he wakes up.”

“…I’m really not tired. But I heard from other people in the village that after the child starts to crawl, it will be very tiring. “

How could Li Jin not know that the teenager was speaking so many words to appease him after he contradicted him? 

However, women or gers in ancient times did have to take care of the children, cook meals and clean the house. They also made some money from sewing and embroidery. 

Every household was like this, Li Jin knew that this era was exceptionally unfair.

Gers and women in this era basically have no chance to go out to work. The only way to make money was to do needlework.

Li Jin said, “In short, don’t think about anything else, in fact, your body is weak. You have to take a good rest and raise it well.”

Although he was not good at prescribing Chinese medicine, he could still grasp basic health by checking the pulse.

The teenager was indeed weak, not weak enough to drink herbal medicine, but he needed various proteins to make up.

Qin Mu Wen suddenly thought that  Li Jin still wanted to have another child, so he really took Li Jin’s words to heart.

Little Bun will feel lonely if he doesn’t have any siblings. Having another child would be good for a little bun too.

Qin Mu Wen thought it would be better to have a boy. The little bun could take care of his younger brother, and in the future, the younger brother would protect his elder brother.

When the sun went down, Li Jin went to plant the vegetables and watered them. The remaining field would probably be planted in two more days.

Li Jin watered a lot today, and when he came back he felt that his shoulders were almost not his own.

Seeing him beating his shoulders, the teenager volunteered, “A’Jin, I’ll pinch your shoulders.”

Before at home, when his father’s shoulders were tired after playing the piano for a long time, he massaged them.

Seeing the youth’s actions, Li Jin thought it was good to have someone at home who could take care of him.

Li Jin sat on the edge of the bed, the youth knelt on the bed. 

The youth put his hands on both sides of Li Jin’s shoulders, and his fingers pinched the sore muscles vigorously.

Li Jin only felt very comfortable. The teenager’s strength was just right, not too big or too small. It really helped him relieve the pain.

Qin Mu Wen asked, “Is the intensity okay? Is it too heavy??”

Li Jin said, “Just right.”

Hearing this, Qin Mu Wen breathed a sigh of relief. Although he was used to farm work, his body and men were still essentially different.

This was already the maximum strength his fingers could use to pinch. 

Li Jin also gradually discovered that the teenager’s strength was actually okay at the beginning, but later he could hardly feel the young man’s intensity.

He asked, “Are you tired?”

The teenager gasped and quickly replied, “Not tired.”

Li Jin got up, and said, “I should go and practice calligraphy, little liar.”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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