TLJDFL: Chapter-28 (Part-1)


To be honest, when Li Jin heard of three teals of the month, countless thoughts flashed in his mind.

For example, he could buy two pieces of cotton cloth for three taels of silver, and use it to make four long gowns.

With three taels of silver, he could buy meat for a teenager for three months, for every meal.

Three taels of silver could also be used to buy rice paper, so he wouldn’t need to use rough bamboo paper, which took more time to dry.

When Doctor Wu saw that Li Jin did not reply for a long time, he thought it was a silent rejection.

So he could only say, “Mr. Li is busy with homework, and I shouldn’t have bothered you.”

Li Jin quickly said, “No, I can.” 

“…But I really don’t have much medical experience. So, I will come to you every day after class for a month to learn and write a prescription.”

“If you think I am good for the job, we will talk about August things, can we?”

He really didn’t how to prescribe traditional Chinese medicine.

But as a doctor, what he had learned was still in his head.

Moreover, in his time, many prescriptions of Chinese medicine were public, and it was easier to learn them than the ancient times.

Doctor Wu didn’t expect Li Jin to actually propose such an idea.

How can he disagree with such a good thing?!

Doctor Wu said, “In this case, I will mention the consultation fee to the shopkeeper in July. And I should subsidize you a little first, so the lunch is included.”

Li Jin immediately nodded.

The child was just born in June, and by the end of July, the teenager’s body will almost be recovered by August.

He had to make more money.

Chen Xi Ran saw that Li Jin was willing to sit and spend two hours a day for the sake of two-three silver!

With the four-hour class, it could be estimated that Li Jin would only be able to go back home around seven in the evening.

Before when he bought jade pendants and paperweights, he usually throw a few taels of silver.

Now he deeply felt that Li Jin’s life was not easy. Chen Xi Ran suddenly regretted why he helped Doctor Wu find Li Jin.

Isn’t it good to let Li Jin spend more time reviewing the book??

They have to take the imperial exam next February!

However, since Li Jin has agreed, it was useless to say anything now.

Fortunately, Li Jin had strong self-control, and his study would definitely not fail.

It was early today when Li Jin went back to the village. So, he first went to Li Daniu’s house and asked if he could buy cotton cloth from him, but Li Daniu said no.

“That thing is expensive, it’s much harder to weave than hemp. My wife can’t even make a single one of cloth in a month, and she can’t sell it in the town. So, she had simply stopped weaving it.”

Li Jin asked again: “If I wanted to buy a piece, how much will it cost?”

Li Daniu said that he didn’t remember the exact price, so he would ask again after she would come back from washing clothes.

As soon as Li Daniu finish that sentence, he took out the chess in good faith and said, “My wife will probably come in a cup of tea time. Just in time when we finish our next game.”

Li Jin thought the same, instead of tossing back and forth, it was better to just sit and wait here.

As for the cotton cloth in the town that started at a tael of silver, he probably couldn’t afford it in the next few months.

It was better to wait for Li Daniu’s wife to weave.

Li Daniu was a chess addict and

the worse he lost, the less convinced he was. 

But even if he wanted to look for Li Jin to play chess again, he couldn’t. If his wife knew he had lost again, she would fight him.

When Li Daniu’s wife came back, he had already lost almost all of his money.

His wife listened to Li Jin’s question and said, “It depends on whether you want to bleach the cloth in the end or not…” 

“If it’s only cotton-white, then I only need seven hundred wens. But if you want bleached white color, I have to go to the town and it will cost about two hundred wens more.”

Even the white cloth, only cost nine hundred wens, which was a hundred wens cheaper than the town!

Li Jin asked how long it would take to weave the cloth.

She replied, “If you order today, I can make it by early August.” 

It would take more than a month to weave the cotton cloth.

“If you need it fast, it can be done by late July, and then I will take it to bleach it later.”

Li Jin ordered a piece of cotton cloth and said, “Can I pay the deposit later? I can write you guarantee first and you can let the village chief look at it.”

Hearing it, Li Daniu directly refused.

“What writing a guarantee, I trust you. Madam will weave it. The deposit is not in a hurry.”

Li Daniu’s wife glared at her man but didn’t say anything in the end.

Anyway, Li Jin was now well-known in the village, and she was not afraid of him cheating.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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