TLJDFL: Chapter-27 (Part-3)


“Coarse hemp is cheap, only one hundred and fifty wens per piece.”

Li Jin thought, when he first bought two mattresses from Li Daniu, at that time, Li Daniu said that one foot of cloth cost three wens and that ten feet were thirty wens. 

For one whole piece of cloth, it cost one hundred and twenty wen. Sure enough, the prices in the town were expensive.

In the end, Li Jin compared the hemp and cotton cloth again, he still wanted to buy the cotton cloth.

After all, there were some coarse hemp clothes at home, for doing farm work, so he didn’t need to buy it much.

On the contrary, the youth had just given birth to a child, and his body was delicate, and coarse clothes would definitely be harsh on his skin.

But right now, he was really poor, and one hundred wens were already most of their family’s savings. 

In the end, he could only leave empty-handed.

Li Jin intended to go to Li Daniu’s house and ask if there was any cotton cloth in his house. 

His family was very poor now, so he should save some money if he could.

Just when Li Jin was about to turn and go straight home, he was suddenly stopped.

“Li Jin! Li Jin, someone is looking for you!”

The person who called was Chen Xi Ran, and Dr. Wu from the medicine hall was standing by his side.

Li Jin stopped and said in surprise, “Doctor Wu, Brother Chen, how did you two meet together?”

Chen Xi Ran said, “Doctor Wu asked about your class timing and was waiting for you in front of Master Song’s residence. But today, we both left early…” 

“If it wasn’t for my servants who said that someone was walking around Master Song’s door, I wouldn’t know this thing.”

Doctor Wu invited Li Jin to the medicine hall.

Chen Xi Ran liked all kinds of gossip and so he insisted on following them.

Well, Li Jin also had no problem with him following them back. 

So, Doctor Wu had no choice but to talk about the medical prescription in front of the three of them.

Li Jin said, “I have written all the usages and taboos on it. Don’t worry about it Doctor Wu, just use it.”

Doctor Wu was feeling anxious to tell Li Jin that the prescription could not be spread outside.

And if he spread it, Li Jin would be sentenced on the charge of deceiving the master and destroying the ancestral secret.

After hearing Doctor Wu’s concern, Li Jin smiled and said, “I saw this prescription in an ancient book, and it was anonymous.”

After all, this was something from another time and space.

Hearing it, Doctor Wu was even more surprised. He didn’t expect that there would be genius doctors who would directly record the secret recipe in a book for people to read.

Li Jin said, “If Doctor Wu finds this prescription useful, please don’t conceal it after practicing medicine…”

“After all, this prescription is very useful. If it can be widely spread, there will be a chance to treat many people.”

Doctor Wu hurriedly stood up and gave Li Jin a deep vow. And he also changed the name.

“Mr. Li is very kind, I really admire you!”

Li Jin didn’t dare to take credit.

“I think since this ancestor is willing to record such a prescription in books, he must also hope that more people can be saved.”

Doctor Wu said, “Since Mr. Li said so, I will surely promote this prescription on behalf of Mr. Li…”

“To be honest, my son is preparing for the examination in August. My family has no money to hire others. So, I have to follow him to make arrangements for about a month. “

Indeed, there were three exams on August 9, 12, and 15. Generally, it was placed in the provincial capital. 

And most fathers or uncles will choose to accompany their children to the examination center to take care of their children’s food and shelter.

Chen Xi Ran, “…” An exam again?!

Why does he feel that since meeting with Li Jin there was also news about examinations surrounding him?!

Since Doctor Wu saw this prescription, he no longer believed in Li Jin’s previous sentence, “My medical skills are half-baked.”

Doctor Wu said, “I wonder if Mr. Li would like to sit in this medicinal hall for two hours every afternoon in August??”

“…When there are no patients, you can also study and practice calligraphy. I will tell the shopkeeper about this.”

Finally, Doctor Wu threw a heavy bomb, “Three teal of silver for a month.”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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That was indeed a heavy bomb ah. Now baby can have cotton clothing~
Thank you for the wonderful translation \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Thank you very much!♡♡♡♡

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I really appreciate your hard work, thank you!