TLJDFL: Chapter-27 (Part-2)


Hearing it, Chen Xi Ran said, “My father said that yesterday the village chief of Xiatan village came forward and seriously questioned the woman…”

“As a result, she admitted her mistake and said that she was instructed to frame Master Song’s family. Don’t worry, things are already resolved. “

Li Jin thought that when he went to sell the wheat straw in Xiatan village, he met the village chief, and indeed that person had benevolence and righteousness.

He was a good village chief.

Although the woman said that someone had instigated her, she actually pointed to a rogue in the village, when she was asked to name that person.

Most importantly, the rogue was mentally unstable, and in the end, the matter came to a stop.

Although everyone knows in their hearts that some scholars must be operating from behind the scenes, they don’t bother to search more.

Based on the woman’s words alone, they couldn’t accuse a scholar. They had no physical evidence and could only shelve this matter for the time being.

Fortunately, Master Song’s family was well, otherwise, how could Master Song’s family stay in the village, if this matter had spoiled his reputation?

After Li Jin copied the text, the young boy brought him another book and asked Li Jin to copy it back.

In short, the way Master Song educated Li Jin now was to first give him the original text to copy, then let him go home to memorize the content.

The next day, Master Song would check his knowledge and explain the meaning of the text to him.

Of course, under normal circumstances, Li Jin still had to copy the notes in class.

This annotated text should have been a gift from an old friend. The master never asked him to take it back to copy.

After leaving the school, Chen Xi Ran who now knew about Li Jin’s family situation no longer asked him to eat in the restaurant.

He only said, “It’s a long journey back to the village. Be careful of heat stroke.”

Hearing it, Li Jin felt that although Chen Xi Ran’s family had money, he was still sensible enough to take care of the emotions of those around him.

He didn’t despise him because of his low background, and he didn’t show off his wealth after knowing that his family was really poor.

In short, his EQ was not low.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

Before leaving the town, Li Jin went to the main street first.

He had more than a hundred wens in his pocket today, so he had to ask the price of the cloth first.

In the morning before leaving, he had already discussed the amount of cloth required to make a set of clothes with the teenager.

It took four to five meters to make a piece of clothing, but if you want to make a set, you have to buy a whole piece of cloth.

As for how much a piece of cloth was, the teenager himself was not very clear.

Before marriage, Qin Mu Wen had never been responsible for the purchase and after marriage, he only wore old or second-hand clothes.

When Li Jin entered the cloth shop, the shopkeeper scanned him. After glancing at Li Jin, he asked him to come to the soft cloth side.

“These clothes are woven with cotton thread. This kind of cloth feels soft and absorbs sweat, and the light color is also suitable for scholars like you.”

Li Jin looked at the cloth, and it felt good, similar to the fabric of his robe.

Checking the fabric, Li Jin asked about the price.

The shopkeeper said, “We don’t sell this kind of cloth in meters. We sell only one piece at a time. One piece is between one or two silver coins. And different colors have different prices.”

Hearing the price, Li Jin thought about the hundred wens in his pocket and fell into deep thought.

A silver coin was equal to one thousand wens.

Ten times the money that he had in his pocket.

Li Jin felt shy and asked about the price of hemp cloth.

The shopkeeper saw that Li Jin might not afford cotton cloth, and was not annoyed, so he seriously told him the price of hemp.

The shopkeeper had opened the shop here for many years, and it was rare to see a scholar with such a temperament.

Anyway, as far as he knew, a scholar like him would probably go to the capital in the end.

So he still politely greeted him with a smile.


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