TLJDFL: Chapter-26 (Part-2)


Seeing that Li Jin didn’t speak, the man continued, “…But, in this way, even if the woman smoothly gives birth, how would she face this world in the future?

Li Jin didn’t speak, but his face paled.

He was standing on the steps of the hospital, and he could clearly see Zhou Gui was blocked at the door. The crowd prevented him from entering the clinic.

Zhou Gui was struggling to explain, “Dear folks, we are trying to save people here. Don’t watch the fun!”

Li Jin shouted, “Zhou Gui!”

Zhou Gui didn’t hear the call at first, but after three times, Zhou Gui raised his head and happened to see Li Jin.

Seeing Li Jin, Zhou Gui hurriedly pushed aside the crowd and greeted Li Jin, “Brother Li, why are you here?”

Li Jin said, “When I left the school, I heard some noise here, so I just came to take a look…”

“I have a little knowledge about medicine. I wonder if Doctor Wu needs help?” Li Jin added.

Zhou Gui said, “Ahh…I can’t be the master of this, but the pregnant woman and the master are both in the inner hall.”

“The husband of the woman is in the outer hall. You can discuss it with him first.”

With that said, Zhou Gui greeted the man to open the clinic door from inside, and after letting Li Jin in, he quickly closed the door again.

The man standing in the outer hall was big and strong, several times stronger than him.

At this moment, such a strong man unexpectedly showed an extremely aggrieved look.

“My wife has dystocia and is about to die, so am I not allowed to seek medical treatment?! If my wife has an accident, I will go out and fight with them!”

Li Jin admired this man’s courage. 

After all, in this society where a woman wasn’t allowed to have any kind of physical contact with another man except her partner.

Knowing everything, this man still went ahead and asked for a male doctor for his wife, indeed very good.

This man knew to put his wife’s life first.

In ancient times, many men preferred their wives to die instead of letting male doctors treat them or deliver their babies.

Of course, this situation would probably be alleviated a bit in the capital, after all, they were all rich people. 

The more remote the place, the more hideous human nature would be.

Li Jin said, “Don’t be restless. I am also a doctor, so I may be able to help.”

Then Li Jin asked the man how long the woman had been in pain and estimated an approximate time.

Doctor Wu over there had already checked the pregnant woman.

He heard Li Jin’s voice and shouted: “But Li Jin is here? Hey, the situation is really bad.”

Li Jin yelled through the lobby and asked Doctor Wu about the basic situation of the mother.

Li Jin said, “Doctor Wu, if I can decoct a medicine by myself, it might help the patient.”

Doctor Wu’s shout and the man’s words almost sounded simultaneously.

“Yes, you can take the medicine and decoct it yourself.”

“Go, you go and make the medicine, all the money will be charged to my account!”

Li Jin put down the back basket, cleaned his hands, and grabbed some herbs from the clinic. 

Herbs like motherwort could warm the uterus and help in the delivery.

Li Jin had memorized these prescriptions before, but it seemed that no such prescriptions appeared in this era.

After he decocted the medicine, the man directly took the medicine in the inner hall.

After the woman drank the medicine, the delivery pain came again.

Because of Doctor Wu’s kindness in insisting on curing diseases and saving people despite the world’s views, Li Jin took out this prescription as a gift.

After he finished writing, he wrote about the detailed conditions in which this recipe can be used.

Then he put aside the pen and waited quietly for the final result.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

The reason why he didn’t enter the inner hall was of course not because of the other people’s view, but he was now covered in sweat. And he didn’t know how many bacteria he was carrying on his dirty body.

To avoid infection and creating more complications, it would be better to wait outside with peace of mind.


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It was really hard for women in that era. They are not allowed to have education, so there’s no woman doctor.

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