TLJDFL: Chapter-26 (Part-1)


But why was Chen Xi Ran so confident that the black hand behind the scenes was worried that he would be admitted as a scholar?

Li Jin couldn’t help but wonder. Chen Xi Ran seemed to know what Li Jin was thinking about. 

“Brother Li really doesn’t care about the gossip in the town. I am a high-profile person here. When our family first moved in, everyone said that I would definitely be admitted as a scholar… “

Hearing it, Li Jin became silent.

Li Jin said, “If our master needs our help, I will be there on call.”

Chen Xi Ran added, “Don’t worry, Brother Li, I won’t hurt you!”

After bidding farewell to Chen Xi Ran, Li Jin stopped thinking about Master Song for the time being.

Before, Master Song had already guaranteed that he and Chen Xi Ran would go to the imperial examination.

Although Master Song was in a bad mood today, he still taught them with all his heart and did not take the initiative to bring up the issue.

It proves that if Master Song was really framed, he could probably settle it.

Li Jin thought Chen Xi Ran was right. He really didn’t pay much attention to the gossip in the town.

Although in ancient times, scholars wanted to close their ears to matters outside the window, now the Emperor was diligent in administration and loved the people, and attached great importance to agriculture.

The examiners follow the Emperor’s mind, and they might come up with questions related to it.

Li Jin thought that he still needed to pay more attention to the outside world.

This would help him write articles with his own perspective in the Imperial examination.

Li Jin felt that he was not a native, and he came just a month ago, so he really couldn’t write a brilliant article.

It was better to find his own position, and as a scholar write articles with his own insight so that he could stand out.

Thinking like this, Li Jin felt that his thoughts had become much smoother. 

After all, in this era, every scholar would memorize the standard text, but if the Imperial examination only required that then how could there still be so many elderly people who failed to pass the exam??

Li Jin wanted to pass the Imperial examination in one fell swoop in February next year. 

The memorization of ‘four books and five classics’ was just the basics.

Master Song had said before that when he finished memorizing all the mentioned books, he would be taught to write policy and theory. This was the core content of the exam.

Just when Li Jin walked to the main street and was about to return to the village, he suddenly heard a noise from the medical clinic where he had earlier supplied the medicinal herbs.

If it was before, he might be anxious to go home early and ignore the matter.

But this time, he wanted to know more about human beings in this era. So, Li Jin carried his back basket and walked toward the crowd.

There were already three circles of people around the entrance of the medical clinic, and Li Jin couldn’t see Doctor Wu and his apprentice Zhou Gui at all.

Li Jin asked the person standing next to him, “Sir, what had happened here?”

The man didn’t want to pay attention to him at first, but when he saw Li Jin was wearing a scholar’s robe and looking neat and graceful, he replied.

“It’s related to the wife of the boss who sells meat in the town. His wife had a difficult delivery, and the midwife said that she could not be saved…”

“The butcher’s boss didn’t shy away and brought his wife to the hospital. The other two medical clinics refused. But Doctor Wu had a good heart and he was willing to rescue the woman…”

“It was about women giving birth, and men shouldn’t be involved in this. After all, men and women should always avoid close contact!”

Li Jin was stunned. 

Ancient men and women were so rigid and even in such a dangerous situation, they refused to accept a man helping a woman during childbirth.

(Originally translated by Beauty Brute.)

Fortunately, Doctor Wu was kind, otherwise, this delay would have killed the patient.


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Thank you! Reading novels about ancient times makes me happy being born now.

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