TLJDFL: Chapter-25 (Part-3)


Li Jin began to copy the annotations, and there were two fonts in the book. It seemed that Master Song’s teacher was very good and gave him a collection of books with his notes.

Li Jin saw the back of the text and even found that Master Song drew a circle next to the few rare words. It seemed he didn’t know those words, so he wrote a lot of explanations under them.

So, it was convenient for him to understand and remember those words.

It was around noon, and in the classroom next door everyone had gone, and Master Song’s face was still dark when he entered the study.

He didn’t say anything but directly went to ask Chen Xi Ran to recite the book he gave him in the morning.

Then tortured Li Jin with a few more questions.

Fortunately, neither of them was lazy, and they answered well, making Master Song’s face look better.

After that, Mr. Song assigned homework to the two of them, and let them go back home. 

After leaving the house, Chen Xi Ran winked at Li Jin and said, “I know why the master was in a bad mood today.”

Li Jin, “Oh.”

Seeing him only speak a word, Chen Xi Ran asked, “Don’t you want to know?”

Li Jin replied, “I don’t want to.”

All the words were stuck in Chen Xi Ran’s throat, and he said, “You are really boring. Forget it, let me tell you…”

“Master’s mother passed away a few years ago, and as a result, just as the three-year piety passed, in order to please the master, the people in their village actually gave a daughter to the master’s father. “

Chen Xi Ran continued, “Then how can the master’s face not be dark? They gave a girl younger than him as a mother.”

Li Jin frowned, “Master won’t agree to this matter.” 

Although it was his father who was going to get married, Song Yuan was a promising person now. His father should seek his son’s opinion first.

Chen Xi Ran said, “Of course, he doesn’t agree. To be honest, it was his father who didn’t agree, but the family insisted that his father tainted the innocence of the girl…”

This kind of stain couldn’t be cleaned even after jumping into the Yellow River.

Chen Xi Ran said, “The old man can train a scholar, he must not be confused. If he does this, the master will also be expelled from his fame. In my opinion, someone must have deliberately framed the master. “

Based on the contact with Master Song during these days, Li Jin also felt that Master Song was upright and credible. 

Sending a girl who could be his granddaughter, to the master’s father.  What was the purpose of these people?

Chen Xi Ran sneered and said, “My father has already gone to check the details. Rest assured, he will definitely prove the master’s innocence…”

“Think about it, we are going to participate in the imperial examination soon. If the master’s fame was tarnished, where can we find another scholar to guarantee? “

The quota of each scholar as a guarantor was limited.

There were only three scholars in this town, Li Jin was not at all familiar with them, not to mention whether these talents were willing to guarantee Li Jin.

And the most important question was whether they have any more guarantees.

Hearing it, Li Jin became serious, “So, according to Brother Chen, the ultimate goal of these people is the two of us??”

Was this necessary?

Chen Xi Ran said with shame, “Yesterday, I learned about Li Xian’s reputation. Those people shouldn’t worry about you being admitted as a scholar. They worry about me.”

Although the town was not big, there was still competition.

If a guarantor of a new talented scholar was also admitted as a talented scholar in the past, then the court would reward the guarantor.

In this way, Master Song’s reputation could suppress the other two scholars.

Li Jin thought this intrigue was even more exciting than a drama script.

Earlier on, he had heard that someone gave laxatives to others before the examination to prevent them from taking the exam.

So, he was planning to pay more attention to food and drinks before going to the imperial examination. 

But this intrigue was a level head. 


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