TLJDFL: Chapter-25 (Part-1)


Li Jin copied half of the text, drank a bowl of mung bean soup, and went to the kitchen to cook a bowl of noodles with a poached egg for the youth.

Li Jin said, “I will continue to cultivate the vegetables. You can go and sleep when you are tired. Leave the bowl here, I will come back and clean it, okay?”

The teenager nodded obediently. 

When Qin Mu Wen was at home, he had heard that his aunt had to rest after giving birth, but at that time he stupidly thought it was a show of squeamishness. 

To prevent Li Jin from being disgusted by him, Qin Mu Wen never dared to act lazy.

But it turned out…after giving birth you really have to rest.

After nodding obediently, the teenager thought that he was not feeling sleepy for a while, so he could wash the dishes first. Washing a bowl was not tiring.

Today, Li Jin not only had to plant new rapeseeds but also had to water the previously planted land. 

So in the end, he could only plant half of the vegetable plot that he had planted yesterday.

Li Jin thought, tomorrow he would have to pick a few buckets of water first, otherwise, this vegetable field would only be planted in several days.

In the evening, Li Jin went back to finish copying the book. He continued to practice the most basic exercise of practicing calligraphy on raw-edged paper.

The teenager came over and saw that Li Jin was practicing the simplest exercise, he was slightly surprised.

Li Jin put down his pen. He turned his head to look over and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The teenager smiled, and the faint cinnabar mole on his eyebrows looked particularly beautiful under the candlelight.

The teenager said, “When my brothers were studying before, the master also asked them to practice the most basic horizontal and vertical exercises first…”

“Before I saw A’Jin only write, without practicing calligraphy. I wanted to tell A’Jin about this, but I never found a chance.”

After a pause, the teenager continued, “Now, A’Jin is already consolidating his writing, and I don’t need to say anything.”

Li Jin thought that what the teenager was talking about should be the original owner. 

The original owner never gave the teenager an opportunity to comment on him.

Thinking of it, Li Jin asked, “Can you also write??”

Now Li Jin had recalled most of the original owner’s memories, and he wasn’t worried about revealing anything.

It was just that the teenager’s memory related to the original owner was pitiful. 

Li Jin only knew that the boy was purchased, but he didn’t know much about the teenager’s life experience.

Qin Mu Wen lowered his eyes and replied, “I know a little bit. It is useless for ger to learn, so I don’t learn much.”

Li Jin smiled at the teenager and said, “Why is it useless? When our family makes money in the future, you will have to record the purchase. Once I practice calligraphy, I will teach you.”

Hearing it, the teenager’s eyes widened. Even his father said that it was useless for ger to learn.

It was better to learn guqin, so you could play for your husband.

But now his husband told him that he could learn Chinese characters and he would be a steward in the future.

Li Jin was pleased to see the teenager’s reaction and said with a smile, “Originally, I could teach you while practicing writing but I’m still in the learning stage, so I don’t intend to mislead you…”

“After a while, when my learning is better, I will have the confidence to teach you.” Li Jin added.

As for the teenager’s life experience, Li Jin didn’t go into details either.

Even if the teenager was born in a rich family before, he had now fallen to this point, which proved that his family had been scattered.

Asking about it again was tantamount to tearing a person’s scab and making the wound open again.

It would hurt too much. So Li Jin did not continue this topic.

When the teenager could put everything down and be willing to take the initiative to tell him, then he would listen.

After talking to Li Jin, the teenager sat on the bed and coaxed the little bun to sleep. 

After Li Jin practiced ten pages of Chinese characters, he turned off the lights and went to take a bath in the yard. 

After that, he fell asleep to the sound of cicadas.

After so many days, the two of them had developed a tacit understanding.

On the next day, after waking up, the teenager cooked porridge, baked potatoes, and sauteed a bowl of wild vegetables. And Li Jin fed the little bun.

After that he washed and cleaned up the basket.


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6 months ago

thanks for the chapter, this novel is really soothing, I’m really happy seeing new updates

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Thank you very much for continuing in translating. ❤️