TLJDFL: Chapter-24 (Part-3)


The sun outside was still very big, but it was not as hot as it was at noon.

Li Jin copied the text on the bamboo paper, and Qin Mu Wen went to the kitchen to cook some mung bean soup to cool off the heat.

The teenager had just given birth so he couldn’t eat cold food, this was for Li Jin.

Soon, someone knocked on the door, and Li Jin went to open it. 

It turned out that it was Li Dahe’s two sons who came in carrying the study table.

Li Jin hurriedly opened the door wide so that they could put the study table in the yard.

Li Dahe’s eldest son was twenty-five years old and had three sons.

As soon as he saw Li Jin, he smiled and said, “The youngest kid in my family ate your braised pork yesterday. After hearing this, my father quickly sent the table. I know, it is not easy at home, you don’t have to pay attention to these loach-like children.”

Li Jin smiled and said, “Each child only took a piece of meat. My family has enough food left to eat.”

Li Dahe’s eldest son said, “Earliest Li Daniu boasted that it is easy for scholars to make money. In my opinion, it is indeed not as hard-working as our dealer, but it is still not that easy.”

The man continued, “Every profession has its own difficulties, so we shouldn’t be greedy for the advantages of other’s homes.”

The people in this village were too sincere, and Li Jin couldn’t help but admire them.

The two brothers even moved the case to the back room for Li Jin, but they just got stuck on the side of the bed, near the window and it took some time to adjust the placement.

The teenager sent them mung bean soup and some mixed wild vegetables.

Li Jin greeted them in the kitchen, and the youth went and took the forty wens and gave it to them.

According to the village’s rules, after making new furniture for people, the host’s family invites the movers to drink a bowl of vegetable soup as a token of appreciation.

After all, the people in the village made things for the people in the village, which was much cheaper than the rate in the town.

After the two brothers finished drinking, they left with the money.

Li Jin cleaned up the bowls and chopsticks by himself. 

He let the teenager sit on the bed, and said, “You can’t work so hard and get tired just after giving birth. Otherwise, how will you have a second child in the future??”

The teenager wanted to finish the housework first, but when he heard the second half of Li Jin’s sentence, his whole body suddenly wilted.

He still wanted to have a baby again in the future, so he didn’t dare to fool around again.

Li Jin first cleaned up the kitchen, then swept out the dust caused by moving the study table, and finally arranged his books and papers on the table.

The study table was placed in front of the window, and the sunlight came in through the greased window paper, creating a bright environment.

Li Jin couldn’t help and think of a few lines from a poem…

‘The five in the morning is bright when the boy should study. The black hair does not know how to study early, and the white hair regrets that he is late in studying.’

Only then did Li Jin realize that he had put the cart before the horse.

He studies, and the ultimate goal should be to enrich himself.

As for the imperial examinations and becoming a scholar, this fame and fortune could only prove that his recent studies had been fruitful.

Earlier Li Jin was studying for the imperial examination because it could improve his reputation, help him protect his family members, and let them live a good life, so he made it his purpose, one couldn’t say it was wrong.

But now he realized he should be more focused on learning and enriching himself and not on fame and fortune at the moment.


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Thanks for the translation till here….
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