TLJDFL: Chapter-24 (Part-2)


Hearing Chen Xi Ran’s invitation, Li Jin could only say,  “Brother Chen, my husband has just given birth, and he is alone with the child in the house. I am worried about them…”

Chen Xi Ran became more surprised, he asked, “Brother Li, not only do you have a husband, but also have children??”

Li Jin didn’t intend to conceal it, so he naturally responded, “Yes.”

Chen Xi Ran had seen the students’ details in the master’s house, which had Li Jin’s birth year and address.

After hearing Li Jin’s affirmation Chen Xi Ran covered his face and said, “Brother Li Xian, I am one year older than you…”

The original owner, Li Jin was eighteen this year, and Chen Xi Ran was nineteen.

Li Jin thought to himself- I was ten years older than you.

It was a pity that he couldn’t say it.

Chen Xi Ran said, “My father said that if I failed this exam, he won’t let me marry a wife. Brother Li, I really envy you.”

Li Jin said, “Then I wish Brother Chen to get the title of the top scholar in the Imperial examination.”

Chen Xi Ran, originally felt that with his remarkable memory, taking an Imperial exam was a simple matter.

But after seeing Li Jin, Chen Xi Ran realized that this man, who wasn’t inferior in learning to himself, was also going to sit in the same exam. 

And most importantly this person was more hardworking than himself.

If people who were better than you work harder than you, then wasn’t it to prevent other people from living.

Chen Xi Ran thought that if only one person could pass the exam, then it would naturally be Li Jin.

Chen Xi Ran said, “I’ll tell you, the text Master Song’s asked for today was already taught by my earlier master. That was the reason why I could answer the master’s questions today. On the contrary, your answers were very fluent today, which I really admire. “

The two talked and praised each other for a while, and then they agreed to have a meal together the next day.

After saying goodbye, both parted away. 

While going back home, Li Jin was gnawing on the boiled potatoes, thinking that it would be nice to have a study partner.

Chen Xi Ran’s aptitude was good, and he had learned from other scholars before. With him by his side, he would have a better reference.

When two people compete with each other, they make continuous progress.

After he returned, Li Jin gave the twenty-four wens to the teenager.

Looking at the money, the teenager raised his eyebrows and happily smiled.

Qin Mu Wen put the money inside the bed in front of Li Jin, and then carefully flattened the mattress so that nothing could be seen.

After putting away the money, Qin Mu Wen said, “A’Jin, can you buy a piece of cloth tomorrow, I will make clothes for you.”

Today, there were more than one hundred wens in the family. They could afford to buy a piece of cloth, and make some clothes out of it.

Only big families could buy ready-made clothes and horses.

Li Jin almost forgot the matter of clothes.

He had only two sets of robes that he used alternatively to study. He had to wash and wear them back and forth.

There were many short coarse clothes, but they were all made of coarse hemp, and his arms and shoulders hurt when he wore them.

Thinking of this, Li Jin felt that his shoulders weren’t stiff now. The muscle pain from pulling the cart was healed.

But in fact, even before he walked with the basket on his back for more than an hour, he couldn’t feel the pain in his shoulder at the end.

Only while doing the heavy farm work, Li Jin could feel the pain in his shoulders.

Li Jin also knew that this body was weak and tender, and by only going through these hard steps, he could transform from a young master who had never done farm work to a responsible man who could support his family.


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