TLJDFL: Chapter-24 (Part-1)


Li Jin learned from their conversation that Chen Xi Ran was from the Chen Mansion.

And it looked like Master Song had high expectations of Chen Xi Ran, he wanted him to work hard and get selected as a scholar next to the Imperial examination.

Li Jin didn’t treat Chen Xi Ran contemptuously, nor did he pay any special attention to him. 

But Li Jin was a little surprised when he heard Master Song’s words. This teenager looked about the same age as him, and it looked like he didn’t like studying…

How was he going to take the Imperial examination?

But since Master Song said so, then this teenager must be exceptional.

After reprimanding Chen Xi Ran, Master Song turned to Li Jin.

Master Song introduced the two of them, “You both are going to take the Imperial examination in February next year, it’s good to know each other and both of you are going to be classmates.”

Master Song introduced Li Jin first, and said, “This is Li Jin, he is serious, hardworking, and remembers well.”

After a pause, Master Song continued, “This is Chen Xi Ran. This kid has an extraordinary memory, but he likes to be lazy.”

Li Jin’s gaze fell on Chen Xi Ran and he politely said, “Brother Chen, good to meet you.”

Chen Xi Ran said, “Let’s not speak in an official tone. We have already met in the morning. My name is Chen Xi Ran. After the class, let’s go outside to eat delicious food.”

Li Jin, “…”

Master Song had a look of hatred, for iron not being steel.

Master Song said, “His father had been in the army before, and he had only seen rough and vulgar men. Even after reading so many books for so many years, he doesn’t know the meaning of the word temperament. And he still wants to participate in the imperial examination…”

Li Jin gently smiled and said, “Brother Chen has a hearty character and I admire him.”

After the introduction was over, Master Song once again asked what Li Jin had learned in the morning, and taught him what he didn’t understand.

Chen Xi Ran was also carefully listening to the teachings and it seemed that as long as he didn’t need to write, he could learn well.

Finally, Master Song asked the two of them to repeat what he had just said.

Because Li Jin had copied Master Song’s notes before, and after Master Song’s teaching, he remembered the text. 

Li Jin was fluent in retelling and didn’t stumble.

Chen Xi Ran looked at Li Jin in surprise, but before he could say anything, Master Song looked at him.

Chen Xi Ran straightened his spine and retold what Master Song had just said.

Although there was some small pause, it still surprised Li Jin. 

After all, Chen Xi Ran hadn’t copied the text, and still, he could recite the whole text.

Hearing their recitations, Master Song felt very satisfied with the two of them. 

Master Song took out a book of classical politics and handed it to Li Jin, he said, “Take this book back and copy it. I’ll discuss it tomorrow.”

As for why all the books had to be copied by Li Jin first, it was because Master Song knew that Li Jin probably had no money to buy books.

After copying, it would be convenient for Li Jin to take notes, and review them before the exam.

When Master Song was poor, he also survived this way, so he was very considerate of Li Jin’s situation. 

Before Master Song was afraid that Li Jin would mind it, if he asked Li Jin to copy the book, but now Li Jin was better, he could understand his mind, when he asked Li Jin to copy.

After that, Master Song dismissed the two of them. 

Chen Xi Ran looked at Li Jin’s half basket of blank paper in the morning which was now full of writings.

Chen Xi Ran was very impressed, and he decided to take Li Jin to eat outside.

“My treat, Brother Li…don’t be polite.”, Chen Xi Ran said to Li Jin.



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