TLJDFL: Chapter-23 (Part-3)


As soon as Li Jin was halfway through his recitation, Mr. Song interrupted and asked, “Recite the third paragraph of Chapter 7.”

Li Jin thought, fortunately, he had a general understanding of the content before, so he remembered it more deeply.

He barely paused and then continued to recite the third paragraph of Chapter 7.

When Mr. Song saw that Li Jin had memorized it, he said, “Chapter 5, paragraph 6.”

“Chapter Six, Paragraph 2.”

In the end, Li Jin finished reciting the whole book, and Mr. Song had also finished writing the word.

Master Song laughed, and said, “You can be taught!”

Li Jin’s mouth was dry from the recitation.

Li Jin politely said, “Master is helpful.”

Mr. Song again said, “If you can memorize it to this point in one night, I can see that you have worked hard.”

Master Song got up and pulled out another thick book from the shelf and handed it to Li Jin.

“This is what I read when I was taking the exam for the talented scholars, and I have marked it. It contains my experience with “Sacred Edict”. You can read it first. After reading it, I will help you with what you don’t understand.”

Li Jin hurriedly accepted the book and thanked Master Song with both hands. 

It turned out that the task Mr. Song gave him yesterday, to recite the book, was to test him.

Although Li Jin didn’t see that it was a test, as a serious medical student, he still memorized all the content.

Unexpectedly, the master directly gave him such a generous gift.

Li Jin copied the Master’s notes meticulously on his own paper, and suddenly all of the things he didn’t understand before became clear.

However, the notes written in this book were clearly divided into two fonts.

The first type of ink color was a little light, and it seems to be left by Master Song’s master. The second type was the popular Yan style, which was very similar to the character style that Master Song just wrote.

These were probably the self-understanding notes that Master Song had learned while studying his Master’s books.

When Li Jin thought about it this way, he didn’t just stick to the comments written by the master, he even wrote his own thoughts on it.

Because Li Jin wasn’t a native of ancient times, although he has been adapting a lot these days, some customs and habits were still not comprehensive enough.

This “Sacred Edict” became his introductory book to understand the spirit of this era.

Li Jin copied the book for an hour, and then put down the pen, stood up straight, and moved his muscles and bones.

Li Jin was still young, and it was okay to insist on bending over to write, but he would definitely be a little hunched when he got old.

Li Jin didn’t want to have a bent back when he was old, so he did stretching after writing.

Taking a short break in between, and going over what you just wrote in your mind to revise, was the best way.

When Master Song finished the class, Li Jin had already written down all the above notes.

Although Li Jin could remember six out of ten when he wrote it once, he could remember seven or eight points after reading the written notes a few times.

A good memory didn’t come just after writing it once, you would forget it if you didn’t review it often.

He could rely on these notes to participate in the imperial examination, the next February.

Master Song came with a person behind him.

Li Jin straightened up and looked at the familiar face.

Wasn’t this the same person who had collected the purse in the morning in the Chen Mansion??

Master Song with widened eyes said, “Put out your hand.”

Chen Xi Ran stretched out his fatty’s hand, and Mr. Song slapped the ruler on it.

Master Song said, “This is to punish you for speculation and find someone to do your homework for you.”

Chen Xi Ran gasped in pain. After another ruler went down, the palm of his hand became red. 

“This is to punish you for going to class and to deceive your master by talking nonsense.”

Chen Xi Ran, who was beaten twice, quickly begged for mercy and said, “Master, I was wrong. I will never dare to do it again.”

Mr. Song took back the ruler, and said, “When next time you commit a crime again, I will directly call your father. And your father may directly hit you with the army stick.”

Chen Xi Ran, “…”



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