TLJDFL: Chapter-23 (Part-2)


When Li Jin finally finished writing “Sacred Edict” again, the teenager had already fallen asleep.

Li Jin washed his hands, moved him into the bed, and fell into a sweet dream.

In the morning, Li Jin woke up to feed the child and then went to make breakfast.

After eating, Li Jin looked at the teenager and said, “It’s still early today. Where do you have to send the embroidered purses and handkerchiefs in town, I will send them for you.”

The teenager immediately told Li Jin the address, “A wealthy businessman surnamed Chen, who has just moved to the town. His mansion is on West Street.”

Li Jin thought that the famous people in ancient times would also like to add a plaque on the door, with the house owner’s name.

If the person with high authority, he would also write down the office, like the minister’s office, etc.

It was convenient to find people.

Li Jin said, “It just so happens that my school is also on the same street. I know the way.”

Li Jin found that the more he walked from the village to the town, the faster his speed had become.

Today, Li Jin arrived at her master’s door, just after eight o’clock.

Coincidentally, the second house next to the master’s house was Chen Mansion.

Li Jin didn’t enter the front door but found the side door from where the maids enter.

Contrary to his expectations, it was a young man in Chinese clothes who came to open the side door.

The young man looked rich and was slightly fat, and he was wearing moon-white silk and satin clothes, so he looked even more fat.

“Who are you looking for??”

Li Jin gave a slight bow and politely said, “My husband took the embroidered work from your house before, and this time I came here to send the sewn purse.”

The young man’s name was Chen Xi Ran, and when he looked at Li Jin, he still felt a little skeptical.

The person in front of him was clearly dressed in the scholar’s robe, and he also had an aura of bookishness around him.

How could such a person let his family do the needlework?!

In Chen Xi Ran’s eyes, all scholars were rich. 

The few young scholars he had been in contact with recently were all from rich families.

“Where is the purse you said?? Before I can let you in, I have to see the purse first.”

Li Jin untied the backpack and picked up the bamboo leaf paper with the copy of the “Sacred Edict” on it, revealing the embroidered purses underneath.

The young man picked up a purse and saw that it was indeed the Chen Mansion’s purse. 

The name of Chen mansion was embroidered on it, so he took a step back and let Li Jin in.

The young man casually greeted the man and said, “Purses and handkerchief, give me the money.”

Then, regardless of Li Jin, he let the two boys sitting near the rockery continue to write.

“Hurry up and write quickly, Master Song is about to start class soon. I have to go before class starts!”

Li Jin raised his eyebrows when he heard this, Master Song…

Could it be that this person was Master Song’s new disciple??

Li Jin didn’t think much, he took the twenty-four wens, thanked him, and directly left.

Yesterday, although Master Song told him the main content of “The Holy Oracle” when he was studying at night, he found that there were still a few things he couldn’t understand.

Since he was reading about it recently, it was best to understand it all at once.

The door today was still opened by Master Song’s son. 

When the kid saw Li Jin, he said, “Brother Li Jin, you have come early.”

Then he brought Li Jin to the study room, and by coincidence, Master Song was also practicing calligraphy here.

After Master Song looked up and saw Li Jin, he continued to practice calligraphy.

He said, “Have you memorized ‘Sacred Edict’?”

Li Jin replied, “The student has become familiar with it.”

Master Song said, “Then you can recite it.”

From ancient times to the present, the master’s habit of recitation had never changed. It seemed like they like to test the student’s knowledge whenever and wherever they could.

Li Jin started reciting from the beginning, speaking at an even rate, and pausing at the proper time. 



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