TLJDFL: Chapter-22 (Part-3)


The village chief was sitting at the door busy making cigarette wrappers when saw Li Jin approaching, he smiled and asked, “Li Jin, is there something?”

Li Jin replied, “Yes, there is something, I want to ask the village chief’s help.”

The village chief stopped making cigarette wrappers and invited Li Jin into the house and asked, “Your filial piety will be over in September this year. Are you going to give the imperial examination in February next year?”

When a candidate went to take an imperial examination, they needed a recommendation letter signed by four villagers and one master to take the examination.

This recommendation was used to ensure that all the information about the candidates was true and not made up by the candidate to cheat on the examination.

If any candidate made a mistake and got caught, the recommender would be held responsible too.

If this was in the past, the villagers might not be willing to be a recommender for Li Jin, but now it was different. 

As long as Li Jin asked, many people would be willing to recommend him.

The village chief thought that if Li Jin came to him for the recommendation, he would definitely do it. 

This child’s future was important for this village’s future.

Li Jin nodded his head and said, “The exam registration will start in January next year, and at that time I will have to trouble the village chief. But I am here to talk about my husband. “

The village chief thought about the recent husband petting style of Li Jin.

Li Jin went to the river to wash clothes and started working in the fields alone. The village chief had even heard from someone that Li Jin seemed to be cooking for his husband…

The village chief didn’t know what Li Jin wanted him to do related to his husband.

Li Jin said, “I have done a lot of bad things to my husband before, and now I want to make up for my mistake. But when I came back from the school today, I found that three gers from the village bullied my husband and made him cry.”

Li Jin continued, “I have accepted my husband and I know my husband is good, and I hope that other people in the village can also accept him. “

The village chief was once a young man too and had handled many such trivial things in the village.

Even if the two women in the village were fighting, their husbands would definitely not be involved in their altercation.

The men knew that on the one hand, they felt ashamed, and on the other hand, they felt that the two women could not make a big wave, so they didn’t bother to care about such petty fights.

But he didn’t expect that when this situation came to Li Jin, he actually took the initiative to mention this to himself and wanted his help in controlling the situation.

The village was small and was a bit exclusive. Li Jin’s idea came out of his personal consideration for his husband.

Li Jin said, “The village chief, I don’t want you to be in a difficult place, so I bought a letter. But I don’t have the authority to speak in the village, so I want to discuss this matter with you first…”

No matter how good Li Jin’s behavior was recent, he was just a young man without any title or merit. 

To get rid of everyone’s deep-rooted prejudice against his husband, he still needed to rely on the village chief’s help.

Moreover, the words written in the letter were so excessive that even the village chief couldn’t stand them.

The village chief really didn’t know how those gers, who always behaved meekly, said such vicious words that could easily pierce people’s hearts.

The village chief pondered for a moment and said, “I will accept this letter first. Wait until you become a scholar, after that, I will come with you to convince others.”

It was not so easy to become a scholar. There were only three scholars in the whole town and the surrounding eight villages.

The village chief said that not only to put pressure on Li Jin but also because he was optimistic about Li Jin.

The village chief also hoped for a Golden Phoenix to fly out of his village!!

With a gentle smile, Li Jin said, “Thank you, the village chief.” 

After thanking the village chief, he stood up and went out 

To be honest, Li Jin seriously wanted to help the teenager seek justice.

The life was long, and he didn’t want the teenager to be raised as a canary. 

In the future, he would have to leave the house, and to prevent the youth from being bullied, he could only kill the chicken and warn the monkey.



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