TLJDFL: Chapter-22 (Part-2)


As soon as Li Jin finished eating dinner, a big man with a basket of eggs came to meet him.

The big man said, “The child is ignorant, and it’s not easy for you to make the ends meet. And after you bought meat for your family my ignorant child came with others to divide the meat away…”

Li Jin didn’t accept the eggs and generously said, “The child is young, and he and the others also wished me blessings. So, I can’t accept these eggs.”

Seeing that Li Jin declined, the big man scratched his head and awkwardly said, “I heard Uncle Dahe say that you have asked him to make a table recently. Where are you going to put it?!”

The big man added, “When I finish cutting the wheat in the field, I will find a few others to build a new room for it. What do you think?”

Hearing it, Li Jin’s eyes instantly lit up. 

He was really looking for someone to build a new room in his house. It was like when you wanted to sleep and someone gave him a fluffy pillow.

“Thank you very much for your help, then, I have enough braised pork meat…”

The big man hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Don’t, don’t! We are all folks from the same village. There is no need to talk about meat when we help others. Just when people come to build the house a little thick porridge will do.”

Li Jin smiled and made an appointment with the big man on the afternoon of the second day of the next month.

At that time, more or less all households would have harvested the wheat, so there was no need for men to work on the fields.

After Li Jin went back to the room, he told Qin Mu Wen about it.

Li Jin said, “We will have to patch up the roof of the whole house, so it could withstand the rainy season. In winters, burning the wood inside the room will help fight the cold.”

The teenager stared at Li Jin, and small dimples appeared on his face.

The child in the teenager’s arms somehow seemed to realize that his dad was in a good mood, so he also showed a big smile.

Upon seeing the big smile, Li Jin smiled and hugged the little bun in his arms.

The little bun’s face instantly became dazed – where is my sweet dad!?

But the child didn’t cry either because he was quite familiar with the smell of Li Jin. There were many nights when Li Jin woke up to feed the child, so the child was fairly familiar with him.

Li Jin hugged the child and said, “Little Bun, come and show me your smile.”

The little bun’s face was expressionless, “…” I can’t understand you!

Qin Mu Wen looked at Li Jin and said, “He only laughs when his belly is full. I will feed him later, so when you come back, he will laugh.”

Li Jin, “…”

Li Jin nodded and planned to wait for the little bun to laugh. Meanwhile, he cut out a small piece of bamboo paper and wrote something after grinding the black ink.

If the youth came at this time and took a look at it, he would find that Li Jin was actually writing a ‘past year memory’ on the bamboo paper. 

Most of the content written inside was all kinds of things done by the youth for the original owner after they got married.

And the remaining part was the attitude of the villagers towards the teenager and their families.

—— In the final analysis, the efforts of the youth didn’t get the corresponding gains.

Finally, until Li Jin went out to plant the rapeseed, he didn’t get to see the smile on little bun’s face.

It seems that Qin Mu Wen’s observation was correct, his observational ability seemed to be really against the sky.

The little bun only laughed when he was full.

In the evening, there was still some time before dark. The sun was slowing going down, creating a good time to plant the rapeseed.

Li Jin first measured the field where he was going to plant rapeseed with steps and then planted the rapeseed at a certain distance from each other.

Finally, he brought the water for irrigation.

Before the darkness, he had already planted one-third of the field.

Li Jin felt that planting the vegetables was not difficult, but carrying water for irrigation was truly tiring. 

Especially since his shoulders were still stiff because of pulling the cart.

Li Jin could walk for nearly two hours a day while carrying the bamboo basket on his back. But now only picking the two buckets of water made him feel overwhelmed.

But thinking about the cheap and nutritious vegetables, he decided to work hard.

By this speed, he could plant the whole field in about three days, and after that, he only needed to water the field for a fixed time, and it wouldn’t be so tiring.

Li Jin thought, by then, his body would also be used to do the farm work.

Now this body seemed to still be a bit weak and tender.

After irrigating the field, Li Jin put the bucket at home and went to meet the village chief.


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11 months ago

aww li jin keeps missing the baby’s smile lmaooo what a cute family! and new room! finally!!