TLJDFL: Chapter-22 (Part-1)


Looking at the little kids, Li Jin laughed and said, “You should wait here.”

He knew that people in the village only occasionally cooked meat and that too at some festivals or other important events.

But he didn’t know that the smell of meat would make children come and children beg for food.

However, these children looked so uneasy and nervous that if he refused, these children certainly wouldn’t slouch on the door and wail to eat meat.

They didn’t look like annoying brats. These kids looked poor yet timid.

Fortunately, Li Jin had bought two catties of pork belly, excluding the half a catty he had given to Li Zhuzi before.

He had stewed a catty of meat in the pot.

Li Jin went into the kitchen and took five pieces of stewed meat with chopsticks and put them in a clean bowl. 

After thinking for a while, Li Jin picked a few leaves of lettuce and washed them.

When Li Jin went out, the children’s eyes went straight to the bowl he was holding.

Li Jin looked at the hungry gaze of the children and said, “Put your hand out.”

Then Li Jin carefully wrapped a piece of meat in the lettuce leaf to ensure that the children wouldn’t be hurt by holding the hot meat.

When the children got the meat wrapped in a lettuce leaf, the eldest child out of them who had learned to pay a New Year greeting to the elders said, “I wish Uncle A’Jin a great fortune ahead!!”

The youngsters, wearing barely any clothes, also spoke loudly.

“Have great fortune!!!”

Li Jin smiled looking at these enthusiastic children and sending them, he went back to serve the youth.

When Qin Mu Wen first heard the voices of children coming from outside the door, he didn’t realize what these children were doing.

Later Mu Wen thought that maybe the village chief’s family had stewed the meat again. During the New Year’s these children would go to the village chief’s house and beg for the meat.

Li Jin slowly put the meat on the table beside the bed and gave the teenager a pair of clean chopsticks.

“You should eat the meat first, and I will go and fry two more dishes.”

The youth who was still busy feeding the little bun said, “A’Jin, I will cook…”

Li Jin rubbed the teenager’s head and solemnly said, “I have already told you, your today’s time for walking on the ground is spent, so you can only lie down on the bed and rest. Frying two dishes won’t cause any trouble for me…”

After taking a pause, Li Jin added, “Eat the meat while it’s still hot, and I will be back soon.”

Today the youth was wronged, although he was able to coax the youth Li Jin wasn’t the Virgin Mary. 

If others bullied him, it was impossible for him to do nothing about it.

While cooking two vegetable dishes, Li Jin thought that those boys were a ger bought from the outside like the teenager, so they more or less want to see the teenager’s in awkward and pitiful situations.

Li Jin truly wanted to change everyone’s view of the teenager, but he couldn’t directly reason with them…

So Li Jin thought, maybe he should go and find a middleman for this matter.

The five children were holding the meat in their hands, and carefully taking a small bite. 

They were reluctant to eat the whole piece of meat in a single bite, they wanted to devour the flavor of the meat slowly.

Someone in the village saw those children eating the meat and greeted the eldest child while asking, “Do Uncle Niu stew meat again?”

The eldest child replied, “Uncle A’Jin gave it.”

When the eldest child answered, his father who had come back from the field while still holding a hoe, heard it.

The big man went straight to the child and twisted his ears and said, “Eating Uncle A’Jin’s meat, aren’t you embarrassed?!”

Li Jin’s family was very poor. 

Recently every time they had seen Li Jin, he was always gnawing on potatoes.

Besides Li Jin’s poverty, the husband of Li Jin’s family was still in confinement. 

How could this child be so uneasy?!

Although their family hadn’t tasted meat for a long time, they couldn’t reach out and bother Li Jin for it!!

When the farmer thought about it, he knew the child wasn’t sensible and went to Li Jin to beg for meat, but Li Jin did actually give meat to those children…

Li Jin was certainly very kind and generous.

But as an adult, he couldn’t pretend that nothing had happened. 

The farmer thought for a while and told the child, “Forget it, you can eat it slowly. I will go and send some eggs to your Uncle A’Jin.”

In recent days, Li Jin has changed a lot.

It seemed like after being a father, a person’s personality would become different and better.



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1 year ago

so cute, wen wen is so adorable ❤❤

11 months ago

ohhh how will li jin deal with this bullying

11 months ago

Thank you for the Updates ! 🙇🙇🙇
Li Jin is so Nice… And Wenwen is Precious…
I love how others learn that LJ ‘becoming’ more good. ❤️❤️❤️