TLJDFL: Chapter-21 (Part-3)


Li Jin suddenly hugged Qin Mu Wen through the quilt.

Because of the crying, the corners of Qin Mu Wen’s eyes looked fascinating red.

Li Jin asked, “I hugged the little bun when he was crying. Now that little bun’s brother is crying, shouldn’t I have to hug him too?”

Qin Mu Wen felt that he was dizzy, and blood had flooded his head.

At this moment, Mu Wen didn’t have any other thoughts, he only thought that Li Jin was really talking…nonsense.

He was clearly the little bun’s father, when did he become the brother?!

Li Jin looked at the dazed teenager and explained seriously, “Your age is just right to be the little bun’s brother.”

The teenager’s round eyes still wanted to explain that the little bun was really born from his stomach.

Li Jin softly hugged the teenager like a little bun, and asked, “Are you still feeling sad??”

The teenager shook his head, he now only realized that he didn’t want to cry anymore.

The teenager shook his head and obediently said, “I’m not sad anymore.”

After a while, Li Jin saw that the sun was about to set, so he put the little buns in the bed securely, and took the teenager to the kitchen.

Li Jin pulled out a wooden stool and let the teenager sit on the side.

“I am going to make braised pork for you today. If you still feel sad, you can tell me what happened, and I will help you share it.”

Li Jin knew with the teenager’s character, it was impossible to take the initiative and have enmity with others.

But the teenager was probably not a little coward, he just didn’t feel the need to fight for many things. The teenager didn’t seem to care about many things.

Others said that he was pitiful marrying Li Jin, and he felt that he was really pitiful compared to these people and never disputed this fact.

The teenager was honest, and he wasn’t sad about his misfortune at all.

Other people’s families have men for farming, but he had to manage both farming and needlework alone to feed the original body.

But the teenager had not only never criticized Li Jin but also stopped Li Jin when he was going to cultivate the fields. 

Later, when he treated the teenager a little well, the teenager even trusted him fully.

Such people always took themselves too lightly, they didn’t complain about the bad things but only worked hard by themselves to make things good every day.

Such an understanding teenager made him feel distressed.

Li Jin stopped chatting, took the meat out, and washed it.

After washing, he started to cut the meat into small pieces.

Looking at Li Jin, the boy always felt that Li Jin’s clothes looked a bit small. When Li Jin was holding the knife, he could even see the muscles were bulging on Li Jin’s arms.

The first step of preparing braised pork was to put two tablespoons of sugar in a cold pan pour some oil, and wait for the sugar to melt, then put the diced meat in and fry it for a few minutes.

Listening to the sizzling sound, the teenager slowly recounted what happened today but he didn’t say why he was angry.

When the braised pork was cooked, what happened today had already been told by the teenager.

There was a sudden knock on the door, it seemed cautious, only knocked twice and then stopped.

Just then the little bun woke up and the teenager hurriedly went back to see the child and Li Jin went to open the door.

After opening the door, Li Jin saw four-five children wearing inappropriate clothes or simply naked standing in front of his house.

When the children saw Li Jin, the youngest one of the group hurriedly hid behind the older child.

The eldest, who was as tall as Li Jin’s waist whispered, “Uncle A’Jin, did you cook meat??”

The author has something to say:

After the little bun grew up, he called Qin Mu Wen his brother, and Qin Mu Wen always corrected, “I am your daddy.”

The little bun looked confused, and asked, “But yesterday, I heard daddy calling daddy daddy…”

Qin Mu Wen, “…”



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