TLJDFL: Chapter-21 (Part-2)


Qin Mu Wen didn’t like those people who came and slandered A’Jin inside his own home.

“Oh, good! Now that you are good, you want to separate from us.”

Qin Mu Wen tightly pressed his lips and suddenly took back all his embroidered purses, and said, “I will send these purses myself.”

After taking a pause, he took some purses out of the basket and gave each person two more embroidered purses. 

One purse took around two hours, and those two purses took four hours to sew.

Moreover, to sew those purses, Qin Mu Wen still had to drag his weak body and sew it one stitch at a time. 

“These two are the gifts from me for your help earlier.”

One purse sold for a penny, he had given them two pennies each, Qin Mu Wen’s behavior was already quite generous.

After giving the purses to the three people, Qin Mu Wen straightened up and slowly said, “You have slandered my husband, and I don’t want to communicate with you. Don’t come to my house anymore!!”

Hearing it, the ger who was busy looking through Li Jin’s things became irritated and his chest started rising and falling in anger.

The ger turned towards Qin Mu Wen and angrily said, “After giving birth to a child, you treat yourself as if you are gold. Don’t you know what you have given birth to??”

He angrily continued, “Having a first child as a ger. Li Jin is truly blind. Why doesn’t he beat you daily like before??”

Qin Mu Wen’s heart suddenly jerked. He also wanted his first baby to be a boy, but maybe God didn’t hear his prayer.

The other two gers defended that guy and stood against Qin Mu Wen.

Looking at Qin Mu Wen’s pale face, they wanted to say something more ironic, anyway, the skin was torn, so now they didn’t need to care anymore.

At that moment, the courtyard door was slightly pushed open, and the magnetic voice of Li Jin came.

“Wen Wen, I am back!”

The words that the three people were going to say, got stuck inside their throats. 

Seeing that Li Jin was back, they didn’t dare to say a word.

Although Li Jin had been behaving well recently, they didn’t forget how he used to beat Qin Mu Wen before!

In the past, there were always numerous bruises on Qin Mu Wen’s body. One could easily see the bruises on his wrist or neck as soon as he moved his body.  

As Li Jin entered the house and put down the back basket, he saw three gers hurriedly walking out of the bedroom.

Li Jin didn’t know them, and as a foreigner, it was inconvenient to chat with them. So, Li Jin went ahead to clean his hands.

After wiping his hands dry, he took back the bamboo paper that he wrote on today.

As Li Jin entered the bedroom, he saw that the youth was already lying on the bed pretending to be asleep.

Li Jin, “…” 

How could this cub be so stupid?

He just saw, few gers going out. If they have had a nice conversation, then the youth must be happy. 

Whenever the teenager was happy, two well-behaved dimples formed on the corners of his lips, even the red cinnabar moles on his eyebrows seemed to be more attractive.

But at this moment, this kid was actually pretending to be asleep…

This kid must have been bullied, and still resisted telling him.

Li Jin had planned to cook braised pork for the teenager today, so he didn’t buy any meat buns.

Looking at the teenager, Li Jin carefully moved the little cub and then slowly leaned over, and said in the youth’s ear, “Asleep??”

The teenager tightly closed his eyes and dared not hum. He was afraid that once he opened his eyes or his mouth, he would cry.

Qin Mu Wen wasn’t so cowardly. 

Even after cooking, doing all the housework, taking care of the child at home, and doing the needlework alone with his weak body, Qin Mu Wen never felt the urge to cry.

Qin Mu Wen thought, A’Jin was so good now. 

During the day, A’Jin cut down weeds, went up the mountain to collect herbs, and then he went to the town to study. In the night, he sleeps shallowly to attend to the child.

Why do these people always say that A’Jin is useless?!



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