TLJDFL: Chapter-21 (Part-1)


Li Jin knew that those people were just being polite and saying hello to him.

If he really took their offer for the dinner, it would be awkward. In this era, everyone was poor and those families lacked food.

Although the price of unpolished rice grain was cheap, it cost five wens per bucket.

But one bucket was only about six kilograms. And six kilograms of rice was only enough for an adult man for about ten days.

Of course, people here only eat rice occasionally. At other times, they usually ate rice porridge. 

As its name suggests, rice porridge was a very thin water-like consistency of rice grain.

As for why those people eat porridge for three meals a day, it was because as a farmer, they had to do physical work and needed enough energy for it.

If those people didn’t eat enough, how could they work hard to feed their families?

After reaching the entrance of the village together, Li Jin said goodbye to them and went to his home.

As he walked near his house, his steps became lighter.

At this moment, Li Jin didn’t know that there were several gers inside his house.  

Qin Mu Wen picked out the sewed purse and handkerchief from the back basket, and in an embarrassed voice said, “I would have come to find you once I have finished sewing these purses.”

Three he’s that had come today, were those the same who came to help him last time.

Hearing Qin Mu When words, one of them indifferently responded, “Anyway, even if you send these to us, we still have to send it to the town ourselves.”

Qin Mu Wen felt more embarrassed, in a soft voice he said, “Thank you.”

Those purses and handkerchieves weren’t heavy, so these gers took turns to send it. One person was responsible to pick them up, and the other was to deliver them.

To make some money, in the past the teenager had even dragged his pregnant body around to send these embroidered items in the town.

Later, his stomach became much bigger, and he couldn’t see his feet, so he told others that he had stopped sewing recently.

The youth valued the children in his stomachs the most, he wanted to desperately protect him.

At the time of childbirth, few gers had eaten the pancakes made by Li Jin and were doubtful.

On the one hand, they have heard that recently Li Jin had changed a lot, so they wanted to take a look, and on the other hand, they wanted to see if that teenager was living well.

They were all gers, and they were used to pitying Qin Mu Wen.

For them, Mu Wen was the ‘poor A’Wen’, whom they have to take care of.

It was like watching someone struggling to live in the quagmire, so they found it was pitiful but yet they felt happy about it.

But they never thought even in their dream that after the youth would give birth to the child, Li Jin would change.

He turned from being a prodigal son to becoming a caring husband. He took carefully took the youth out of the quagmire and slowly helped him was clean of all the dirt.

Today, the young ger named Xiao An (the one who liked crying) didn’t come. He was the youngest of them and had a handsome appearance. 

Although Xiao An was only a concubine, Qin Mu Wen still liked him. Maybe, he was one of the few people who had treated him sincerely.

Another ger with a small face turned around and saw the greased paper bag lying on the bedside table.

He causally walked there and said, “What is this? That wretched beater, actually bought you a snack? A caramelized candied fruit!”

There was not enough money to buy rice noodles, how could Li Jin buy candied fruit. With that much money, one could buy rice noodles for ten days.

He thought that the person he had married was pretty good, but a few days back when the child from the main house cried for the candied fruit, his husband not only refused to buy it but also beat the child with a stick.

And here Li Jin actually bought candied fruit for A’Wen!

Qin Mu Wen didn’t expect that those guys who rarely talk to him on weekdays, and that too was about allocating the embroidery works, would look through his things.

Moreover, those people would still verbally abuse his husband.

Although Qin Mu Wen had a soft personality, it didn’t mean that he could easily be bullied.

Mu Wen took back the package, and slowly put it on the table. Because of being angry and wronged, there was a slight redness at the end of his eyes.

Qin Mu Wen had never quarreled with anyone, so after taking back his things, he didn’t know how to talk to them for a while.



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1 year ago

Thank you for translating this amazing novel. may I ask why your translation doesn’t show up on novel updates? I checked NU and thought you’d dropped this cuz there wasn’t any of your translations.

1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter!!

1 year ago

thank you for the chapters! geez these people feeling happy when someone was down and then they come to other’s house and talk shit about the owner… shameless!