TLJDFL: Chapter-20 (Part-2)


Writing those characters were all basic exercises, and as a man who had lived for more than thirty years, Li Jin knew that only by laying a strong foundation, he could achieve future success. 

After working hard, he could write forty essays per night, and he would need at least twenty pieces of bamboo paper a day.

Those one hundred sheets of bamboo paper would only be enough for five days.

Reading costs a lot of money…

In ancient times, it wasn’t easy for a poor student to get ahead.

After finally finishing writing, Li Jin shook his sore arms and went out to wash. When he returned the boy was already sleeping.

Li Jin blew out the kerosene lamp, and the room darkened. The only source of light in the room now was the bright moonlight coming through the windows.

After lying on the bed, Li Jin quickly became drowsy and fell asleep amidst the noise of cicadas coming from the outside.

Even Li Jin didn’t realize that slowly he had become more and more adapted to this new world.

The next morning, after waking up Li Jin fed the rice cereal paste in goat milk to the baby, meanwhile the youth after washing up went to the kitchen to cook.

The small bun after eating started to fall asleep again, and Qin Mu Wen also had prepared the breakfast.

In ancient times, the rice noodles which were eaten by ordinary farmers weren’t like the modern ones. 

Because of the lack of modern technology, the inner cover of those crops wasn’t removed.

The husk present outside the rice gave a rough texture to the rice noodles, and the bran of the wheat made the flour thick. 

But the teenager’s craftsmanship was good. 

He slowly cooked the porridge, and sauteed the wild vegetables on high flames, arousing his appetite.

After eating breakfast, the teenager put two baked potatoes and a hard-boiled egg in Li Jin’s back basket.

Looking at the teenager’s action Li Jin smiled and said, “Master’s class is only in the morning, and I’ll come back at noon. You don’t need to prepare so much.”

The transportation wasn’t convenient, and he could only walk on his two legs. Even if Li Jin could come back, it would only be after the afternoon.

Li Jin told Qin Mu Wen, “Yesterday, I said that I will make you braised pork for dinner, wait for me to come back and make it.”

Hearing Li Jin’s words, the corners of the lips of the youth’s raised, and the shallow dimples appeared. 

The phrase ‘wait for me to come back’ felt like home.

Li Jin took ten bamboo papers, brushes, and ink and put them inside the back basket, and went out.

You have to give a gift to your master only after returning from a long vacation or when you meet the teacher for the first time. After that, there wasn’t any need to bring the gift to the teacher.

Li Jin didn’t buy anything and directly went straight to the master’s house.

The seven-year-old kid opened the door, and he took directly to Mr. Song’s study.

“These two books were picked out by my father, you can copy them first here. Dad said that if you want to prepare for the imperial examination, the regular class will slow you down. He wanted you to copy these books first, and then he will give you a separate class for the exam.”

Li Jin nodded, and the child politely went out. 

Fortunately, Mr. Song had many students, and the original body often skipped the classes. 

Otherwise, facing those students, Li Jin was really worried that he would be found out. The original owner’s presence was shallow and it had helped him.

Li Jin went out in the early morning, and walked fast, he reached around nine o’clock. Because of which he got two hours to copy those books.

The Bamboo paper had a smooth surface and was cheap, the only drawback was the slow absorption of the ink.

After Li Jin wrote on a paper, he had to lay it down on the ground and wait for a long time to ensure that the words wouldn’t be smeared. 



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1 year ago

waiting on more updates. also, i can’t seem to donate on ko-fi. hopefully ya don’t drop this.

1 year ago

I really like this story, the couple is very lovely. Thank you for your hard work!