TLJDFL: Chapter-20 (Part-1)


The raw-edge paper could be arranged into three-fold size, and it was much smaller than the four-fold bamboo paper.

The cabinet near the bed could barely fit them.

Although the teenager wanted to help Li Jin clean up the things, Li Jin didn’t let him.

Li Jin said, “Wen Wen, I will clean it.”

Li Jin first wanted to call the teenager “Xiao Wen” but it sounded a bit feminine, so Li Jin finally decided to call him, “Wen Wen”.

The teenager walked near the cabinet and in a serious tone, and said, “Many miscellaneous items are present inside it. Let me do it, I will use them when I start doing the work.”

“If I organize it then it will be easier to find them next time.”

Li Jin looked at the worn-out yet very clean cans and bottles, he was very satisfied. 

It seemed that youth used to wipe them frequently, as a doctor he liked clean things.

After all, doctors have a habit to pay attention to personal hygiene.

Like the first day, after crossing over, he ran to wash all the clothes himself. In his opinion, dirty clothes were smelly. So he couldn’t wait for the teenager to wash them after getting better in a few days. 

Qin Mu Wen had sorted out those things earlier many times, so basically remembered them. So as soon as he saw a can or bottle, he quickly sorted it out.

After quickly removing the things, he professionally wiped the cabinet twice.

Under the dim candlelight, his downcast eyelashes looked like a small comb, with long and dense hairs.

When the teenager turned his head, his black eyes were bright.

Qin Mu Wen smiled sweetly, and said, “Everything is packed.”

Li Jin put the raw-edge paper and rabbitbrush inside it. 

Looking near the bed, Li Jin noticed that the teenager’s needlework had already filled the bamboo basket. There were many sewn purses and handkerchiefs inside it.

Li Jin recalled, the teenager had clearly told him that he had to finish the needlework in a week, but today was only the fifth day and he had already finished the work.

It was distressing.

The teenager’s legs were shaking after clearing the cabinet.

Seeing this, Li Jin’s eyebrows frowned.

He involuntarily went to hug the teenager and put him on the bed. Li Jin squatted down and went on removing the teenager’s shoes.

The teenager was taken aback, and even the exclamation was stuck inside his throat, only a gasping sound could be heard.

After removing the shocks, Li Jin put the teenager inside the quilt and said, “Today’s time for walking on the ground is over. From this moment, except for getting up to use the toilet you are not allowed to get off the bed.”

Li Jin had discovered that only by using a commanding tone, the teenager would behave obediently.

Otherwise, the sentences like ‘You should rest’ or ‘Take a break” did not affect the boy.

Sure enough, after hearing those words, the teenager obediently lay down.

It was just that the teenager didn’t look at Li Jin, but turned his head to look at the child’s face who was sleeping.

In the old eyes of Li Jin who had lived for twenty-nine years, those two were cubs.

When a cub was disobedient, he needed to be regulated.

The two cubs were lying on the bed quietly. 

And Li Jin was busy grinding ink and preparing to practice calligraphy.

Li Jin had some fragments of the original owner’s calligraphy in his mind, but the original body’s words were horrible. 

It was a wonder that Mr. Song spoke about just practicing sitting in the exam this time. With these calligraphy skills, he definitely wouldn’t be able to pass the imperial examination.

The imperial exam not only tests the knowledge of a man but also the art of writing the answers. 

Fortunately, Li Jin had an early foundation in  Chinese characters and it was much easier to practice it than learn it from scratch.

But there were no shortcuts to writing, only practicing was the key.

Throughout the night, Li Jin practiced simple techniques like lifting, pressing, and closing the pen. After that, he practiced on five raw-edge sheets.

To save some money, Li Jin used both sides of the paper to write down.


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