TLJDFL: Chapter-19 (Part-3)


The youth was busy feeding the child, so Li Jin started preparing for dinner. He mixed the rice noodles, eggs and added some chopped green onions, and a pinch of salt then stirred it.

After igniting the fire on the stove, he brushed the oil on the bottom of the pot and put a scoop of batter evenly in it.

On the piping fire, the batter absorbed the oil, and soon one side of the batter became golden in color.

Before the noodles could burn, Li Jin hurriedly flipped them over. After a while, the noodle pan-cake was ready to serve.

Li Jin made four noodle pancakes. After the pancakes were ready, Li Jin cut the pork belly into thin strips and stir-fried them with potato shreds.

Only a few people in the village would eat meat on any normal days, it was mainly eaten on New Year’s Day or important festivals.

But, fortunately, the aroma of pork belly was suppressed by potato-shreds and it didn’t drift far. Otherwise, if the children in the village had smelled the aroma of meat, then they would have surely come to beg for the meat.

Although the dinner was simple, Qin Mu Wen was already very happy seeing the meat.

And with Li Jin’s good craftsmanship, the simple meat and vegetable dishes tasted very delicious.

After eating the pancake the teenager quietly peeked at Li Jin.

Li Jin said, “You have to take care of the children. You should eat more.”

Li Jin’s original intention was that when he was busy mowing the fields or gathering the herbs outside, the teenager took care of the children. So, according to his opinion, the teenager needed more nutrition. 

Li Jin didn’t know why but after he said those words, the teenager’s face turned red, and he dropped his head. He even withdrew his hands, that was about to reach the pancake.

Li Jin, “…”

In the end, Li Jin personally put the pancake on the teenager’s plate.

The teenager was stunned, he didn’t expect Li Jin to care for him that much.

Looking at Li Jin’s care, his shyness slowly disappeared.

Qin Mu Wen’s father before his death told him, “A’Wen, Daddy can’t wait and see you get married in front of his eyes. But you must remember that in the future if your husband treats you well, then you must not behave arrogantly, and if he treats you badly, then you shouldn’t bother to please him, just have a child, and let the child grow safely. Remember it?”

Qin Mu Wen thought, did he behave arrogantly now? But A’Jin didn’t seem to dislike him.

The teenager looked at Li Jin’s face which was shrouded in the orange sunset glow and suddenly said, “A’Jin, my name is Qin Mu Wen. You never asked for my name before, so I do not dare to tell you…”

The teenager paused after saying that, and his face turned a little pale like he was remembering some painful past.

But he still apologized to Li Jin, and said, “It was all my fault, I should have told you my name.”

Hearing the teenager’s words, Li Jin was a little startled.

Earlier, Li Jin had tried to recollect the original owner’s memories, but they were very fragmented. And as for the name of the youth, he tried to recall it many times, but it never appeared in his mind.

Li Jin even struggled with it, but he never thought that it was actually because the original body had never asked the youth’s name. They were married for more than two years, and still the original owner never knew his husband’s name.

Qin Mu Wen thought he would try his best and try not to be arrogant. But looking at Li Jin’s care, he couldn’t help but try to please him.

Mu Wen liked his name very much, so he wanted to share it with A’Jin.

After saying his name, the teenager anxiously waited for Li Jin’s response.

But, when he saw Li Jin gave no response, Qin Mu Wen wanted to cry. But he was afraid that Li Jin would hate him for crying, so bluntly had to hold back the tears.  

As a result, the teenager’s eyes turned red.

At that moment, Li Jin softly embraced the youth, and called out, “Xiao Wen.”



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1 year ago

Ah the ending of this chapter was really nice 💕 thank you for your translations!! Reading this story feels very relaxing so far

Lemon Bro
Lemon Bro
1 year ago

Aww A’Jin x Xiao Wen
Cute 🥰🥺