TLJDFL: Chapter-18 Apprentice (Part-2)


The original owner didn’t care about his husband, but the childbirth was a good excuse to skip the class and waste the time.

Li Jin smiled and said, “Husband is safe, he just gave birth to a ger.”

Mr. Song said, “Looking at your return, I will not speak much. You are already a father, now you should avoid temptations and be dedicated to your learning.”

Li Jin nodded his head.

Mr. Song looked at Li Jin, and asked again, “Are you going to participate in the imperial examination in February next year? You have been delayed for two years, because of filial piety.”

Mr. Song added, “The students usually take the first exam at the age of fourteen, just to familiarize themselves with the exam and to prepare to pass next year in one swoop. “

So, the first formal exam was used as a mock exam.

Li Jin said, “Teacher thinks that I can pass the exam with my current knowledge?”

Without using any euphemism, Mr. Song said, “Of course, you can’t pass the exam the first time, so you should first familiarize yourself with the environment of the exam.”

Li Jin wanted to say that he didn’t need to familiarize himself with the exam environment. 

After all, he was an adult, and his concentration and self-control were much better than that of the other teenagers. 

He wanted to use this chance to study hard and clear the exam in one go.

Mr. Song saw Li Jin’s thoughts and said, “Don’t think too much. The imperial exam is divided into three sessions. It involves five subjects, which is very difficult to prepare in one go.”

After a pause, Mr. Song said again, “But if you feel you can clear it, you can come with paper and pen tomorrow, and copy all the Four Books and Five Classics here, and then go back home and recite it.”

He added, “If you were able to memorize these books before September, then I will teach you how to write essays and arguments on policies in advance.”

Li Jin stood up and bowed again and said, “Thank you, Mr.”

Mr. Song was satisfied with Li Jin’s attitude.

Because Li Jin’s attitude was completely different from the original owner’s cringing and absent-minded state, so many people thought that Li Jin had grown up.

As a teacher, Mr. Song naturally couldn’t pour cold water on the student’s enthusiasm. So, he guided Li Jin to first finish the essential texts.

Seeing it was lunchtime, Li Jin didn’t stay long and went out. He went to buy a pen and paper.

Mr. Song’s family was not very wealthy, he had married a woman from his village.

There was no concubine.

In the afternoon, Mr. Song’s wife was a little surprised to see two hundred wens.

“The youngster said that Li Jin came to see you. At that time, I didn’t take it seriously. Why did he suddenly give you gifts?”

“If I knew earlier, I would have kept him for dinner.”

Although the two hundred wens were not much, it still took ordinary dealers half a month to earn it.

Mr. Song thought that his wife was good in everything, except she values money a little too much.

In his opinion, Li Jin gave the gift as a ritual to respect the teacher, so it didn’t matter how heavy or light the gifts were.

Song Yuan said, “It’s okay. I have asked him to copy the Four Books and Five Classics tomorrow. You can keep him for dinner tomorrow.”

The wife was speechless, she had casually said that. Her husband was a talented scholar, but he was so dull in worldly affairs.

But it was good to be decent and straight.  

After coming back from Mr. Song’s house, Li Jin visited two or three shops to compare the prices of pen and paper.

Before, he used to use a computer to take notes or to keep medical records. He only used a pen to sign.

Now in the ancient era, only a pen could be used to take notes.

Li Jin chose the cheapest rabbit-hair brush in the shop. As for the original owner’s paper and pen, it seemed that those things were all sold by the original body to buy wine and visit brothels.

Li Ji didn’t expect the original owner to be so useless, so he had to buy everything again.



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