TLJDFL: Chapter-18 Apprentice (Part-1)


The teacher that the original owner had worshipped was a scholar named Song Yuan.

Song Yuan was a talented scholar who had passed the country level, provincial level, and academy level examinations before the age of twenty. Hence, gaining fame as a talented scholar.

But later, Song Yuan participated in two palace examinations and failed in both of them. After that, he lost his name and became known as a scholar who failed at the last level.

Mr. Song was originally from Xiatan Village. But after gaining fame as a talented scholar, he brought his fellow village students in the town and taught them.

In addition, he also accepted students from neighboring villages.

Even though Song Yuan wanted to help and enlighten his fellow village students, being a teacher is not a charity. 

Song Yuan still had to live and eat, so he accepted other students from neighboring villages, who could help him and pay for the repairs.

Li Jin had bought ten bacon-sticks and slowly walked towards Mr. Song’s house.

The class was usually held in the side room in Mr. Song’s house, and there were more or less ten students in total, in the class.

 Li Jin had also bought two vegetable buns when he passed the shop selling buns.

The lady boss of the bun shop still recalled him as the handsome boy, and without asking anything, she wrapped the two buns and gave them.

It just so happened that the daughter of the lady boss selling buns also came out at that time, and saw the side profile of Li Jin’s.

She asked, “Mother, he looks familiar.”

There were no family rules in the town to keep the women and gers inside the door. The lady boss’s daughter usually came out to help her with buns.

The lady boss said: “Coincidentally, last time when he came to buy the buns, I also thought that he looked familiar. He should be from the nearby villages.”

Her daughter thought for a while and said, “But, I still can’t recall where I have seen him.”

The original owner used to be drunk and wander around the street hence many people have seen him. 

After quickly eating the buns, Li Jins followed the route in memory and walked towards Mr. Song’s house. 

Li Jin stepped forward and steadily knocked on the wooden door.

Hearing the knock, Mr. Song’s eldest son came to open the door.

A seven-year-old child, wearing a small scholar’s gown, with a round face came out.

After the child saw Li Jin, he asked with seriousness, “This is Song Yuan’s house. Who are you and why do you want to see the master?”

The seven-year-old child was quite clear in speech and articulate.

Li Jin felt even more ashamed, as a student of  Song Yuan, the child didn’t even remember him.

“I am Mr. Song’s disciple, Li Jin. Some time back, I was sick so I was on leave. Today, I came here to cancel the leave.”

After hearing the answer, the child said, “Wait for a minute, I will go back and ask the master.”, 

The child ran back.

Today Mr. Song was free, all the students have gone back on holiday.

When Song Yuan heard the name ‘Li Jin’, he frowned in response.

But remembering the scene of Li Jin’s mother begging him two years ago to accept Li Jin as his student, he still said, “Call him in.”

Hearing the command, the child came back and led Li Jin in through the hanging flower gate and walked him to the main hall.

Mr. Song’s child was very polite. After bringing Li Jin over, he went out.

Li Jin put down the back basket outside the door and carried bacon inside. 

Li Jin bent over and said, “Student Li Jin, meet the master.”

Seeing Li Jin’s upright attitude, Mr. Song’s expression improved.

When Li Jin put down the things and sat, Mr. Song asked, “You took the leave saying your husband’s going to give birth. Is everything going well?”

The leave was requested by the original body to skip the class.



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