TLJDFL: Chapter-17 Breastfeeding (Part-3)


Li Jin was wearing the clothes he wore on the day he transmigrated here. Because this was the only cloth that was in a good condition in the original owner’s wardrobe. 

To help Li Jin, the teenager knelt on the edge of the bed. Using his jade-like hands, the teenager effortlessly tied Li Jin’s clothes. 

The teenager’s hands were small but yet distinct.

Li Jin stared at the teenager’s skilled hands.

After the teenager tied the knot, Li Jin came back to his senses.

Li Jin felt something was wrong with him, his thoughts were getting chaotic.

But, the presence of those hands magically smoothened his turbulent emotions.

Li Jin said, “You have already completed the previous order of the purse and handkerchief. You don’t have to take more jobs like that in the future, okay?”

The teenager obediently said, “Okay. In the future, I will only sew clothes for you.”

Li Jin was very happy after listening to that sentence. Before going out, he went back to squeeze the teenager’s face.

Seeing the stunned look on the youth’s face, Li Jin went to the market carrying the basket in a very good mood.

When Li Jin arrived at the medical shop, he saw that Zhou Gui was racking his brains while muttering some words. He didn’t know about his arrival.

“Ephedra herbal decoction treats the cold. The combination of four herbs of apricot, grass…”

Li Jin unhurriedly said, “It helps in treating the patient whose head and body hurt, and the pulse is fast.”

Zhou Gui looked up and said, “That’s right. Mr. Li! You are here. I am going to call the Master.”

Li Jin said, “I trouble you.”

“No trouble. The herbs that you picked last time were very fresh. Master liked it, he even talked about you every day.” 

Zhou Gui said those words and went inside to call his master.

After a while, Doctor Wu came out.

Today, Li Jin had brought many herbs, and he had estimated it cost around 630 wens.

Zhou Gui said, “Mr. Li, you can understand medical texts and know so many herbs. Can you also analyze the pulse?”

Li Jin slowly said, “A little bit.”

Hearing those words, Doctor Wu’s eyes lit up. He invited Li Jin into the inner courtyard of the shop for a good discussion.

After Li Jin followed him inside the hall, Dr. Wu bluntly asked, “I want to ask, if Mr. Li has any previous medical knowledge?”

In reply, Li Jin shook his head.  

His knowledge was something of his previous life, and this body knew nothing.

Moreover, his medical knowledge was in Western medicine, and he was not good with traditional Chinese medicine.

Listening to Li Jin’s words, Doctor Wu sighed.

Dr. Wu felt that he was thinking too much. In this small town surrounded by eight villages, there were only three medical clinics with four doctors in total.

Except for the medical clinic which was on the main street, which had two doctors. The other two clinics only had a single doctor in them.

Dr. Wu was also the only doctor of ‘Xing Lintang’. 

Something had happened and Doctor Wu had urgently needed to visit his family.

But, the boss of this shop ‘Xing Lintang’ was very kind to him, so he couldn’t just quit the job to visit his family.

So, he wanted to know about Li Jin’s medical knowledge.

Looking at Dr. Wu’s expression, Li Jin could guess something. So, he actively asked, “Do you want to find a temporary doctor for this clinic?”

Dr. Wu nodded and asked, “Yes, but this town is small and there are not too many doctors here.”

Although Li Jin knew about many herbal medicines and memorized some basic Chinese medicine books. But, it was still difficult for him to find a disease while only looking at the pulse.

Furthermore, practicing medicine without having full knowledge was the most taboo thing for a doctor.

In the end, Li Jin couldn’t help Dr. Wu.

Dr. Wu gave Li Jin 640 wens, he gave ten more wens for long-term cooperation.

After leaving the medicinal shop, Li Jin walked towards the grocery store. 

In ancient times, gifting pig meat and eggs to the teacher was a common thing. 

Li Jin did attend the class for the last few days, so it was only natural to meet the teacher and apologize.

Fortunately, Li Jin was able to retrieve some fragments of the original owner’s memory. Otherwise, it would be difficult to find the teacher and apologize.



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1 year ago

Tough that our MC doesn’t have knowledge of Ancient Chinese Medical Technique and only know the Modern Western One. But also so realistic that it’s good! what a complicated feelings…

Thanks for the chapters! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

1 year ago

Thank u for the chapter ❤️