TLJDFL: Chapter-17 Breastfeeding (Part-2)


The youth didn’t cry this fiercely even when he was giving birth. The chest pain could not be more severe than that of the pain of delivering a child.

Hearing Li Jin’s question, the youth was stunned. After a while, he shook his head.

Even though it was the first time that Qin Mu Wen had given birth to a child, when he was at home his father had already somewhat taught him about those things.

Li Jin coughed lightly and said, “Mr. Wen said that till next month you may feel uncomfortable in that place. If it hurts, you can tell me.”

The young man felt shy listening to those words, but still, he nodded his head.

At night, the two slept together, with the child put in between. The bun slept together with his two dads.

Recently, Qin Mu Wen was still feeling lethargic, but after sleeping a lot these days, he woke up earlier.

In the early morning, he felt some movement inside the room. He slowly opened his eyes to look around. 

He saw that Li Jin was already awake and was busy feeding the rice paste to the little bun.

However, he found that Li Jin’s posture of holding the baby was a bit stiff. It was like his one arm couldn’t put much effort on.

The youth hurriedly got up and said, “A’Jin, let me hold him.”

After communicating with Li Jin these days, the teenager had now learned to speak clearly in front of Li Jin.

Hearing the youth’s voice, Li Jin turned towards the youth and raised his eyebrows. 

Li Jin asked, “Why do you wake up so early? Go and sleep more.”

The teenager took the baby from Li Jin’s arms and gently held him. The teenager’s face carried a unique warmth. His eyes were as clear as the child he was holding.

Qin Mu Wen said, “I have slept well and my body is also recovered, so I don’t need to lie down.”

The two of them worked together to feed the child, one of them was hugging the child and the other was slowly feeding.

And the little bun was laughing in his father’s arms.

Li Jin was wearing a clean shirt, and his face was without any signs of tiredness.

Qin Mu Wen still sharply noticed that Li Jin’s right shoulder appeared to be swollen.

He glanced at it several times. 

After slowly plucking up his courage he said, “A’Jin, is your shoulder…”

Li Jin laughed and said, “It is okay, it’s just a little swollen. Don’t worry, it will be fine in two days.”

Li Jin didn’t explain that the shoulder was pulled while loading the cart, because the boy was very protective and behaved like an old hen.

The teenager even wanted to cultivate the fields by himself, so that Li Jin didn’t get hurt in the fields.

 Li Jin didn’t want to worry him.

When Li Jin didn’t explain, the youth didn’t dare to ask more.

After making breakfast, when Li Jin returned to the room, he found that the youth was walking slowly while leaning on the wall.

Today was the fifth day after giving birth, so it was reasonable to get out of bed. Thinking about it, Qin Mu Wen went down the bed.

Li Jin stared at the boy as he moved out of the bed. The teenager was tall, but because of his physique and the poor living conditions, he didn’t have much flesh on his body.

The teenager’s legs were slender and straight, looking at him Li Jin couldn’t tell that this person was someone who had just gone through a child birth.

After eating breakfast, Li Jin went up to the mountain to collect the medicinal herbs. Today was the day to deliver the medicinal herbs to the clinic.

He knew the route, so he didn’t need Li Zhuzi to guide him up the mountain.

Early in the morning, when he went up the mountain, Li Jin was able to collect more medicinal herbs. He even went a little deeper, to find more varieties of herbs.

Li Jin placed all those herbs in the back basket and went back to his house to clean and sort them.

Saying goodbye to the teenager, Li Jin left.

Before leaving he told the teenager to drink the pig’s feet soup.

Hearing that, the youth hurriedly walked to the door, and hastily asked, “What about you? What will you eat?”

Li Jin said, “After arriving at the town, I will eat two steamed buns. Today, I also have to buy some gifts to meet the Master. To apologize for not coming to class these days.”

After thinking about it, Li Jin came back from the door and washed his hands, and changed into a decent robe.



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