TLJDFL: Chapter-17 Breastfeeding (Part-1)


Li Jin started paying attention to the youth, from the time Li Zhuzi told him about ‘ger’ being capable of breastfeeding.

To know more about it, he even gave away a pig’s feet to Mr. Wen in the village. 

Mr. Wen was himself a ‘ger’, he was an old man who knew how to deliver babies. He even went to deliver babies of gers’ who lived in other neighboring villages.

Coincidentally, when Qin Mu When was going to give birth, Mr. Wen was in the next village delivering a baby.

If Li Jin weren’t transmigrated, the chance of the teenager’s survival was extremely low.

When Mr. Wen saw Li Jin had come he knew that it would be related to his husband giving birth.

After taking the pig’s feet, Mr. Wen smiled and told Li Jin many precautions to follow after childbirth.

“A ger is inferior to man in terms of body strength and is inferior to women in terms of breastfeeding children. This is a reason why gers are inferior in society.”

After listening to those words, Li Jin frowned. In his opinion either it was a man, woman, and ger they were the same. They were all human beings. 

One shouldn’t look down on others based on their gender. 

In this world, the social status of ger’s was low. It was the same as the status of women in ancient times. They were treated as the last level of the social hierarchy.

After receiving the pig’s feet, Mr. Wen didn’t care about Li Jin’s disposition. He even explained everything in detail.

“Because of their inferior body strength, gers’ are not as good as men in doing farm work. Everyone understands that. And in terms of pregnancy and breastfeeding, although the gers can give birth, they have no breast so there is no place to store milk and breastfeed their children.”

Li Jin tentatively asked, “So, ger can’t breastfeed their child?”

It turned out Li Zhuzi knew wrong. So, he didn’t have to worry about it.

After all, in ancient times, there was no proper breastfeeding technique. Many children who grow up and have teeth would clamp the breast, and bite on it. It was inconvenient for a mother to breastfeed a child.

Hearing Li Jin’s question, Mr. Wen shook his head, and said, “No, they just can’t store milk in their breast. But, it’s not the same as they can’t produce the milk. These are two different concepts.”

Li Jin, “…”


Mr. Wen said, “Gers do not have much milk because of their physique. So once they have milk, they need to feed the child immediately. Otherwise, it will dirty their clothes.”

The problem was not whether the clothes would get dirty or not?

“According to experience, ger’s milk only lasts for at most a month after giving birth, and after that, the child will rely on goat milk or one can find a wet nurse to breastfeed the child.”

Those were the trivial conditions related to breastfeeding. 

Li Jin was more concerned about “Will breastfeeding hurt the body?” and “What kind of food can help to replenish the body?” 

After hearing those questions, Mr. Wen was surprised. Finally, he looked at Li Jin as if it was the first time they had seen him or heard those questions. 

After getting answers to all the questions he wanted, Li Jin thanked Mr. Wen and turned to return home.

Looking at Li Jin’s back, Mr. Wen muttered to himself, “It’s been a long while since someone like Li Jin has appeared in this village.”

Those questions that Li Jin had asked, basically were only asked by the ger’s natal family. As for the husband, they only cared about whether the child could get enough food or not. Or would the clothes get dirty during the breastfeeding period?

So, when Li Jin saw the teenager was crying in his arms, he thought that maybe the teenager was crying because of pain. Hence, he said the previous sentence to the boy.

But after asking that question, looking at the teenager’s face Li Jin felt that he had said something improper.



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1 year ago

Just wanted to say thanks for translating this novel! I’ve read it to the end and there’s something very calming about it, not like all the face-slapping farming novels out there.