TLJDFL: Chapter-16 Does it hurt? (Part-3)


The family didn’t know that the young man who came to sell them pig food was a scholar. When they heard the village chief’s words, they became startled. 

It looked like this young man was going to appear in the imperial examination. If he got admitted, he would become an official!

That’s why the village chief spoke kindly to the boy. The villager hastily took his ox-cart and went with Li Jin to his village.

There was three carts worth of pigweed. The villager and Li Jin took turns in pulling the ox-cart and were finally able to send away all the weeds to Xiatan Village.

When Li Jin returned home after sending away the last cart, he felt that his shoulders were swollen because of loading and unloading the cart. 

The sixty wens were not easy to earn.

After returning home, Li Jin took a bath and started calculating the remaining money he had.

Total Income: Three hundred and fifty wens (medicinal herbs), sixty wens (wheat straws).

Total Expenses: Twenty wens (pork), fifty and seven wens (rapeseeds and candies), three wens (meat buns), two hundred wens (mattress), ten wens (rice and noodles).

Total Savings: sixty wens.

He still had to repair the house, buy a desk, and buy new clothes for the boy. He needs to earn more money.

But Li Jin was not in a hurry. 

At least for now, there was no need to worry about the food. 

The best way to earn money was to sell the medicinal herbs while preparing for the imperial examination.

But he shouldn’t only rely on selling those medicinal herbs to generate an income, he should also think of other ways to earn money.

After the summer, the rainy season would come and it wouldn’t be wise to go up the mountains.

This line of making quick money by selling medicinal herbs seemed to be broken.

Even though there were a lot of medicinal herbs in the mountains, in the rainy season the roads would become slippery and it was very risky to go there.

Li Jin didn’t hide the money from the youth. He even gave the teenager a rough overview of the whole process of how he had earned it.

After that, he placed the money in the small pit carved inside of the bed and covered it with the mattress.

That was the pit where youth often used to hide the money from the original owner.

The original owner knew this place, and he would take away the teenager’s money.

Li Jin put the money back here again while saying, “This is our family’s money. And it will be placed here in the future. After recovering, if you want to eat or buy something, you can take it from here.”

The teenager could only earn sixty wens after working for a week and not spending single money out of it. 

The youth had never thought that one day, he would see Li Jin put so much money in his hiding place.

Li Jin even told him that “This is our family’s money, and you can spend it as you want.”

Unexpectedly, the teenager quickly hugged Li Jin’s waist and buried his face in Li Jin’s chest.

Li Jin didn’t have much physical contact with other people, so he was slightly sluggish to react. His body was standing stiff, and Li Jin didn’t know where to place his hands.

Slowly, he felt slight moisture on his chest.

Was this teenager crying?

Li Jin gradually put one of his hands on the teenager’s shoulder and used the other to slowly touch the teenager’s hair.

The youth cried for a long time before he stopped and came out of Li Jin’s arms. 

The teenager was embarrassed after seeing that Li Jin was looking so clean and there was he who didn’t take a bath himself in these few days.

What if he had a bad smell?

Thinking about that, the teenager even wanted to start crying again.

Li Jin behaved so well now, the youth was worried that Li Jin would despise him because of the smell.

At that moment, Li Jin said, “You…maybe little…”

Dr. Li Jin, who could seriously communicate with any patient, was feeling ashamed to say a few words to the teenager.

The youth was certainly going to cry again, his body must have had a bad smell on it.

Li Jin was going to despise him!

Seeing the youth’s grief-filled eyes, Li Jin deliberately sat on the side of the bed and his head turned away and with much psychological preparation said, “Does your chest hurt?”

The youth was shocked, and pig food all his resentments disappeared.

His mouth was wide open in shock.

Li Jin reprimanded himself, he believed like a beast!

The youth was still so young, how could he ask him this?



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1 year ago

pfffffffft what a mood killer haha he shouldve comforted the wife a little more

4 months ago

We have been lied to!!!!! This guy said he has high EQ, how come it’s negative now?