TLJDFL: Chapter-16 Does it hurt? (Part-2)


When Li Jin walked into Xiatan Village, he saw an old man eating with white rice in the bowl outside a wooden door. 

Li Jin walked forward and said, “Hello.”

The old man stopped eating and smiled politely and asked, “Boy, are you here to buy pigs?”

With a smile, Li Jin said, “No, I am here to sell wheat straws.”

Then he took out some wheat straws from his basket which he was holding on his back and showed it to him.

Li Jin wanted to show the product to the buyer and set a price.

After hearing it, the old man didn’t get annoyed but politely said, “Boy you are here at the right time. Nowadays everyone is busy cutting wheat, how do they have time to bring the pig food?”

The old man added, “If you want to sell wheat straws, go to the second house at the village entrance and ask them. I am also looking for someone to cut the wheat in the fields.”

After thanking the old man, Li Jin went to the second house at the village entrance.

The villagers in ancient times were simple and friendly to each other. 

When he walked to the second house and the family saw the wheat straw, their eyes brightened.

After examining the ‘sample’ in Li Jin’s hands, again, they said, “How about twenty wens per cart?”

Li Daniu was able to make around thirty wens per cart of firewood. So, selling wheat straws at twenty wens price didn’t seem at a loss.

And he didn’t need to personally transport the wheat straws. The whole deal didn’t take much of his effort.

Li Jin said, “Okay, as you said.”

For a secure transaction, the family intended to ask their village chief to write down a contract. So, none of the two parties could breach the contract.

The village chief already had several such contracts to write.

The village chief said, “I am already writing a contract and still have some to write. Follow the system of first come first serve. So, either you wait for me to finish writing the other contracts, or you can write it by yourself, and let me check and correct it.”

The family didn’t know how to write so they planned to take Li Jin back to their house and wait.

But, Li Jin has already said, “Is there some pen and paper?”

Li Jin’s words were clear. 

When the village head of Xiatan Village heard the voice, he raised his head and looked at him.

Although Li Jin was wearing the coarse clothes worn by a dealer, his temperament was different. 

The village chief asked his elder son to bring the pen and paper from the house.

Li Jin took the pen and directly wrote it down on the paper.

Since the youth told him about the imperial examination that would occur in February of the coming year, he had tried to recall some of the original owner’s memories related to studies in those days.

Although the memories were fragmented, Li Jin guessed that those were not very different from ancient China study patterns.

However, the original host was uneducated and ignorant, and his learning was more or less around eleven or twelve years old. 

In his past life, when Li Jin was in his sophomore year of college, his medical school had Chinese medicine courses in the curriculum, and there was also an elective course on Chinese Calligraphy.

Li Jin was interested in ancient Chinese culture, so he chose it. 

Most of the Chinese Calligraphy started from the most basic regular script. The regular script was divided into two parts, Yan and Liu. 

Li Jin liked the uniform and thin characters of Chinese Calligraphy, and he tried hard to learn it. 

Li Jin wrote down the contract according to the price that he and the other party agreed upon.

After checking through the list, the village chief returned the contract to them.

After that, the village chief stood up and bowed his hand to Li Jin, and said, “I am not talented, and I don’t know that I would meet a master. I am ashamed.”

Li Jin hurriedly stopped him, and said, “I am just a kid, not a master. I have just studied in the town for a while.”

“You have not taken part in the imperial examination?”

“No. Not yet.”

“When will you participate?”

“In February.”

“Great. Great.”

The family who followed Li Jin out of the village chief’s house was only feeling dizzy listening to their words.


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