TLJDFL: Chapter-16 Does it hurt? (Part-1)


With Li Zhuzi’s help, Li Jin was able to cut the wheat crop in just two days instead of four days.

Looking at wheat straws, Zhuzi said, “We can’t raise pigs in our village. Pigs stink too much and our village is situated in the upper areas of the river. There are many villages down the river, they don’t allow us to raise pigs.”

He added, “However, there are many villagers in Xiatan Village who raise pigs. These wheat straws can be used as pig food. When you are free, you can go to Xiatan Village to sell these wheat straws.” 

After listening to Lu Zhuzi, Li Jin knew that here the villages were divided according to surnames. 

The villagers in the same village shared a common surname. Like in the ‘Wu’ village, everyone was surnamed ‘Wu’.

Those villages were also named after geographical locations. Xiatan Village was such an example, it was named after its geographical location.

And for the village he was living in, it was mixed. This village name was not after the surname or geographical location but after a person.

Twenty years ago, a man named Li Hongyan from this village cleared the imperial examination. To honor him, the village chief changed the name of this village to ‘Hongyan Village’.

Li Jin agreed to Li Zhuzi’s words, he thought it was good to sell those wheat straws.

Even if he made money by collecting the medicinal herbs, his family was still very poor. It would be a good thing to sell those straws for some money.

After cutting the wheat straws, Li Jin bundled them together. Li Jin decided to go Xiatan Village the next day.

Li Jin walked to Xiatan Village following the path pointed out by Li Zhuzi earlier.

Although it was mid-summer, the village was not so hot in the morning. There were many villagers walking on the small roads paved with pebbles and dirt.

The road was quite lively.

For convenience, while doing farm work, Li Jin didn’t wear a long gown. He started wearing a short sack-like coarse cloth. It was loose and long enough to cover his buttocks, tied with a cloth strip in the middle.

The cloth was entirely dependent on the cloth strip which had tied the cloth in the middle. If the tie was loose, then the whole cloth would fall off.

Even after wearing those for several days, Li Jin still couldn’t trust this cloth which was tied around his waist with just a piece of cloth.

He didn’t wear his own robe from the time he left the market to sell those medicinal herbs.

After getting up in the morning, Li Jin tried to tie the cloth several times and failed.

When the teenager couldn’t stand it, he took the cloth strip and knelt by the bed to carefully tie the cloth.

The teenager cleverly wrapped the cloth around his waist and perfectly tied them up.

The lowered eyelashes of the teenager while working look very virtuous.

The teenager quickly took two white cloth strips from his sewing basket and twisted the strips into two ropes.

Using those two ropes, he helped Li Jin to tie up the wrists. The dress looked very neat and clean after its wrist was tied.

This was the first time Li Jin was served like this in his whole life. The teenager looked quite serious while helping him as if he was doing something big.

Looking at the teenager’s face, Li Jin’s heart seemed to be scratched by something. The feeling was good.

Li Jin looked at his hands while walking towards Xiatan Village. His hands worked very fast when doing the operation, so why was he unable to tie his clothes?

Without thinking about it much, Li Jin walked to Xiatan Village. It took him less than half an hour to reach the village with a bundle of wheat straws.


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1 year ago

Modern man struggles with ancient complicated undies XD

1 year ago

omg he totally seemed like he was preparing his husband for a job interview *smooths down shirt collar* “okay you look good now husband.” ahhhh too cute