TLJDFL: Chapter-15 Eat Potatoes (Part-3)


Li Jin had planned to stew the pig’s feet into soup, and to make braised pork for the teenager. 

For gaining muscles, with regular exercise he needed to eat a lot of lean meat. 

He could only eat beef, mutton, fish and chicken. Fatty Meat like pork belly wasn’t something he should eat if he wanted to gain muscles and improve his stamina.

It was a pity that beef and mutton was costly to buy.

Right now, he didn’t have the money to buy rice noodles or even buy the milk for the child. From where would he get the money to buy beef and mutton.

For now, he could only supplement protein from boiled eggs and chicken.

After making the dinner, Li Jin brought the sweet poached egg soup for the teenager and rice paste for the child into the bedroom.

The child had a small appetite, and most of the rice paste was left for the youth to finish.

Li Jin went back to eat his roasted potatoes and a boiled egg in the kitchen.

At night, when Li Zhuzi drove back the ox-cart home, he learnt from his wife that today Li Jin had gone to cut the crop from the fields.

Without a second thought, Li Zhuzi went to find Li Jin.

He was convinced that Li Jin had become a changed person.

Li Zhuzi knocked several times on Li Jin’s door. It took a while for Li Jin to open the door.

Li Zhuzi also knew that Li Jin was the only one working at the home now, his husband was still resting after giving birth. So, it was obvious that it would take a while for Li Jin to open the door. 

He did come here without informing. So Li Zhuzi didn’t dislike Li Jin for the late response.

Li Zhuzi followed Li Jin to the kitchen. But, when he saw the half-eaten roasted potato he became stunned.

“Did you just eat this for dinner?”

In the past, people used to eat potatoes to survive. But, it was when the taxes were high and the yields were low. And everyone was only able to afford potatoes.

But now, His Majesty was very kind and he had lowered the taxes on the cultivated land. And the yields had also improved over the years.

The farmers in the village had not eaten potatoes as the staple food for a very long time.

Without any shame or embarrassment, Li Jin calmly said, “I can only eat this for the time being.”

After selling the next batch of medicinal herbs, he could buy some beef and mutton and then eat them.

But after hearing those words, Li Zhuzi felt that what Li Jin meant was that because his family was too poor, he could only afford to eat those potatoes.

He couldn’t afford other things!

Li Zhuzi pointed to the pig feet and pork belly, and said, “There is still meat in your house. And when you finish off the rice noodles, you can always go back to my house to get more.”

Li Jin took a knife and cut the pork belly into two parts. And took it apart and sent it to Li Zhuzi.

While giving half of the pork belly to Li Zhuzi, he said, “Brother Zhuzi, you have always taken good care of me. Please take this pork belly as my gift to you.”

He added, “As for the rice noodles, I can’t get it for free. Today, I have made some money selling those medicinal herbs. I can no longer accept Brother Zhuzi’s help without giving away anything.”

Li Zhuzi hurriedly said no by waving his hand. 

Li Zhuzi had a relatively good economic condition in the village, he had an ox-cart with which he could earn nearly thirty wens by cutting and transporting the chopping woods without any extra investment.

His wife also often did some embroidery work to make some extra money and help the family.

Li Jin said, “I used to be a bad person but Brother Zhuzi has always helped me. You must accept this gift. Although it is not much, I will pay it back generously in the future.”

After listening to this, Li Zhuzi could only accept the pork belly. And didn’t think much about Li Jin’s later words.

Weren’t neighbors supposed to help each other? There was no need to pay back each other generously.

He had taken Li Jin’s pork, so tomorrow he must help Li Jin to mow the fields.

After working with Li Jin for a while on the field, Li Zhuzi always saw Li Jin gnawing on the potatoes.

(Beauty Brute)

Seeing this, Li Zhuzi always dragged Li Jin to his house for dinner when he saw him only eating potatoes for breakfast.

If not for being poor people, how can someone abuse themselves by eating potatoes daily??

Even if there were some eggs in Li Jin’s breakfast, Li Zhuzi still felt that Li Jin was too poor.

He also noticed that  Li Jin had become very good. 

Li Jin would always leave the good things in the family for his child and husband and only ate the potatoes to survive!

Li Jin was very good!!!

Li Jin, “???”


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