TLJDFL: Chapter-15 Eat Potatoes (Part-2)


The teenager couldn’t stop himself, and he added, “This wound will not be healed in a day or two, so you shouldn’t go to work in the field tomorrow. Wait for a few days after I recover, I will mow the fields.”

Li Jin rubbed the teenager’s nose and with a smile said, “I’m not so fragile. This is my work and I will learn to do it.”

The teenager felt a tingling sensation when Li Jin rubbed his nose.

With a gentle attitude, Li Jin’s appearance looked like a scholar. 

Looking at Li Jin, Qin Mu Wen hurriedly said, “A’Jin, before leaving this world, mother-in-law asked you to keep filial piety for two years and then participate in the imperial examination.”

Mu Wen added, “The two years will be passed by September this year, and in February next year the imperial examination will be held. “

Qin Mu Wen had studied Chinese characters when he was young, his older brother had even participated in the imperial examination. So, he was quite familiar with the test schedule anf=d the process. 

Li Jin was dumbfounded.

Wasn’t this a story of farming and earning money to support a family? So, why add the imperial examination into the mixture?

Looking at Li Jin’s puzzled face, the teenager slowly asked, “A’Jin, did you forget about the examination?”

Li Jin wasn’t used to lying, so he didn’t speak. 

Li Jin didn’t know about the examination, only now when he was reminded by the youth, Li Jin remembered that earlier the villagers had praised him as ‘scholars are really different’ and ‘worthy of being a scholar’.

Li Jin thought that they were all speaking graciously. He used to appreciate others for being smart.

Li Jin should have thought that these are ancient people, they were all simple and didn’t understand the meaning of boasting or appreciating others. They only speak the truth.

When the villagers said that he was a scholar, then he should have realized that he was going to participate in the imperial examination.

Li Jin looked at the teenager and rubbed the boy’s head, and said, “After drinking that day, my mind is somewhat confused.”

The teenager didn’t doubt, and said, “A’Jin, you are a scholar. You have to review your homework, leave the job of mowing the grass to me. I will do those field work in a few days.”

So, this boy spoke so much, just because he didn’t want him to work in the fields.

The teenager was worried that Li Jin would not allow him. So, he hurriedly stretched out his hands to Li Jin and said, “My hands are hard, it won’t get cut by wheat.”

Those small hands of the youth were covered in soft cocoons.

Li Jin slowly tucked back the youth’s hand in the quilt, and said, “These hands are too small to hold the sickle fully.”

The youth froze hearing it. Even though he couldn’t grasp the sickle fully, he could cut the wheat!

Qin Mu Wen had a courteous personality. Although he had his own ideas when Li Jin refused, he obediently shrank his hands under the quilt.

Li Jin was satisfied by looking at his well-behaved appearance.

The candied fruit packet was kept on the side table, and only two pieces of it were missing.

Li Jin knew that it wasn’t because the boy didn’t like to eat those candies. But the teenager thought that those candies were expensive so he wasn’t willing to eat more.

After taking another look at the candies, Li Jin went to the kitchen to make dinner. 

He had decided to make a poached egg with corn soup for the youth. The corn soup would taste slightly sweet, so the teenager would like it.

As for his dinner, Li Jin decided to roast some potatoes and boil one egg. 

Li Jin directly placed the potatoes on the firewood to roast them and turned them over from time to time to avoid them from being charred.

He could eat potatoes as a staple food. 

Li Jin had planned to gain weight and make muscles. 

But, except for potatoes, there were only some eggs, pork belly and pig’s feet at home. He couldn’t eat it.


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