TLJDFL: Chapter-15 Eat Potatoes (Part-1)


Li Jin had decided to integrate into the village, so he was happy when other villagers approached him.

He always seemed to carry some kind of special energy. As long as Li Jin took the initiative to talk to others, he would be able to integrate into their group.

Actually, he didn’t have any magical power, it was just that he was emotionally intelligent.

When Li Jin came back, he saw a dim-old yellow oil lamp burning near the window.

Looking at the oil lamp, Li Jin fully realized that now he was in a world where there were no mobile phones, bulbs, or even electricity.

He only had a mud house with oiled paper windows, and a teenage husband waiting for him at home.

He knew nothing here, but in just two days of meeting with the teenager, it gave him spiritual comfort.

A doctor from modern times, who had always been alone, seemed to suddenly have a family in ancient times.

Before entering the house, Li Jin washed the sickle and let it dry in the kitchen, then he washed his hands and entered the house.

Qin Mu Wen was worried because Li Jin had never used a sickle. He had never touched those farming tools, and probably Li Jin didn’t know how to work with them?

What if he hurt himself while wrongly holding the sickle?

If not for the physical discomfort, Qin Mu Wen would have followed Li Jin.

He only needed to know that Li Jin cared about him, other things like mowing, he would handle it. 

Mu Wen would willingly do all the hard work.

Qin Mu Wen was anxiously waiting for Li Jin to enter the house.

Mu Wen heard footsteps when Li Jin entered the yard and then turned to the kitchen. He even heard the sound of water. 

But after waiting for a while when Mu Wen heard no sound, he became more anxious.

When Li Jin finally entered the room, Qin Mu Wen couldn’t wait and quickly held his hand.

Under the dim light of the oil lamp, Mu Wen saw that on Li jin’s hands there were many new injuries added on yesterday’s blisters. 

Qin Mu Wen knew those wounds, he had them two years ago when from being the young master, he became Li Jin’s husband. 

It was the time he had first learned to cut the wheat crop. His hands were scarred with the wounds from the wheat stack, and the blisters from holding a sickle.

Qin Mu Wen gently held Li Jin’s hands and slowly stroked the blisters. The blisters looked like a red bloodshot wound on the thinly callused hand.

Li Jin’s wounds were similar to that of Qin Mu Wen’s wounds back then, but no one had ever felt sorry for him then.

Mu Wen was only asked to continue and work hard without an ounce of care.

After bleeding and recovering, Mu Wen’s hands were no longer scratched by the wheat stalk and his hands no longer got blisters because of using a sickle.

His wounds had slowly formed calluses that protected him.

Thinking about what he had experienced in the past two years, Mu Wen had no complaints, maybe he became used to it.

While looking at the distressed look on the teenager’s face, Li Jin comforted and said, “It is a small wound, after sleeping it will become fine.”

As a doctor, when he first started using sharp scalpels, his hands were often cut by it. Later as practiced, he got used to it.

Li Jin had no ‘Princess Syndrome’ and he never had time to care about those small injuries.

Qin Mu Wen didn’t speak much, earlier Li Jin always looked down because he was a ger.

Li Jin never looked at him straight, as if looking at a ger would humiliate him.

So, Mu Wen formed a habit of answering by nodding or shaking his head. He would only open his mouth if he couldn’t answer the question in a simple nod or shake.

But, while looking at the unattended wounds on Li Jin’s hands, the teenager seemed to forget the rules set by the earlier Li Jin and said, “Even if it is a small wound, you can’t leave it unattended. Moreover, this wound has come in contact with water!”


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