TLJDFL: Chapter-14 Mowing (Part-3)


Li Jin had planned to cut the wheat and weed together in the afternoon. Moreover, in his fields, there were more weeds than wheat crops, so picking one crop at a time would be very time-consuming.

It was better to cut both and then separate the wheat crop at home.

Li Jin went inside the room to ask where the sickle was from the teenager.

Even though the teenager was stunned, he obediently told Li Jin the place where he kept the sickle. The sickle was under the chopping board inside the kitchen.

Li Jin said, “I am going to mow the fields and plant the rapeseeds. We will have many vegetables to eat in the future.”

The division of labor between men and women was very clear here. The duty of washing, cooking, and sewing was for the women and ger, and the job of farming and chopping woods was for the men.

That was the reason when Qin Mu Wen saw Li Jin was going to wash his clothes, he was so frightened.

But hearing that Li Jin was going to mow the fields, Qin Mu Wen was even more frightened than earlier.

But, when Mu Wen opened his mouth, he didn’t know what to speak.

Looking at the teenager’s face, Li Jin asked, “You want to go and mow the fields by yourself? And don’t want me to do this kind of work?”

Although the boy didn’t nod his head, that was exactly what his big eyes were telling about.

When Qin Mu Wen first came into this house after the marriage, Li Jin’s mother, first words were, “Li Jin is a scholar, and he can’t work in the fields. His hands are for holding pen and not sickle. You have to do all the farm work by yourself in the future.”

At that time, Qin Mu Wen was only fifteen years old and had never done those kinds of work before. He had no experience but slowly going through bruises and cuts, he learned it.

Li Jin rubbed the teenager’s head and said, “Farming is a work that a man should do. I won’t be robbing of your other work in the future.”

Li Jin took the sickle and the back basket then went out. 

Li Jin didn’t see it that as he went out, the teenager burst into tears. Qin Mu Wen shrank into the quilt and cried silently.

From the time his father died, no one had ever treated him so sincerely.

Li Jin had some experience in doing farming in his previous life. As a medical student, he used his summer vacation to teach medicine in the mountains.

When he had free time, he would try to help the villagers in doing farm work. During that time, he had learned to mow the fields.

Li Jin’s parents were dead and his family was small, so the village head allocated him only two mu of land. 

After all, if there were more fields more taxes need to be paid each year.

The original owner was dissatisfied with only two mu of land, but Li Jin felt that it was a wise decision.

There were three people in the house, and two mu of land was enough for them.

Even though Li Jin knew farm work, initially it was hard to deal with it. Fortunately, there were only two mu of land.

When the farmers in the village originally saw Li Jin coming into the fields with a sickle, some planned to teach him, how to cut the crops.

They have already seen Li Jin’s white jade-like hands while playing chess but they were still surprised to watch his white hands when he picked up the sickle to mow the crops.

Although initially, the movements were a bit unskilled, gradually his movements become more and more proficient, and the speed of cutting the crops became faster and faster.

When the sunset, Li Jin picked up the sickle and back basket and walked back with the other villagers.

Some villagers who had excluded him in the past praised him, and said, “Li Jin has changed.”



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1 year ago

Thanks for new chapter:) i MTLed a bit ahead, but enjoying actual translation a lot.

10 months ago

QMW before married was 15 so now he is around 16-17?? So young omg