TLJDFL: Chapter-14 Mowing (Part-2)


After playing chess, Li Daniu went home and handed the purse to his wife.

As a man, he was only responsible for making money and the task of managing money was his wife’s.

Li Daniu’s wife was surprised, and asked, “Li Jin, pay back the money so soon?”

Even if they sold those two mattresses in the town, it would take about half a month to get back the money.

Li Daniu became dissatisfied with his wife’s words, and said, “Last night, you even asked me to visit the village chief’s house to make the list. I have already said that Li Jin is a scholar, how can he not admit the money? “

Li Daniu’s wife put the purse inside the pit dug under the bed and didn’t care about Li Daniu’s words. Anyway, the money was back so everything is good. 

Not to mention Li Jin who had a bad reputation in the village, even if it was Li Daniu’s brother who took so many things from her home, she would have still gone ahead to settle the accounts.

However, Li Jin paid back the money so soon, he had some credibility. It seems, after becoming a father, he had changed.

When Li Jin returned home, the baby was sleeping soundly and the teenager was silently holding Li Jin’s old clothes and checking its measurement.

Li Jin had asked the teenager in the morning to sew clothes for him. Because he didn’t want the teenager to tire himself out, by sewing embroidered purses to make some money.

After all, the teenager couldn’t sit idle, so it’s better to assign him something easy first.

Li Jin had a possessive nature, and after identifying the teenager and child as his family members, he didn’t want the things made by the youth to be sold in the market for the money.

Qin Mu Wen felt a shadow over his head, and before he could react, Li Jin took away the clothes in his hands.

Li Jin asked, “Have you planned to make clothes for me, now?”

Qin Mu Wen’s blushed, although he and Li Jin already had a skin-to-skin connection, and Li Jin even helped him during child-birth, but it was all like a mechanical action lacking tenderness.

It was the first time, Qin Mu Wen held Li Jin’s inner clothes like this to measure it. But, was discovered by Li Jin on spot.

Looking at the teenager’s red face, Li Jin said, “These clothes are all old and a bit small. For correct measurement, you can directly measure me.”

Li Jin was only eighteen years old, there was still time for him to grow. Since the youth was going to make new clothes, it was better to measure his body directly.

Qin Mu Wen agreed.

Li Jin was doing push-ups under the shade of a persimmon tree in the yard. His body was too skinny, and he must exercise to improve it.

After doing only eighteen push-ups, his body wasn’t able to support it and started shaking. But, Li Jin clenched his teeth and persisted to thirty push-ups.

Then he took a rest for three minutes and continued to repeat the exercise.

Li Jin was a person who daily visited the gym. As long as had time, he would go to the gym and exercise there for two hours without a break.

He had beautiful muscles in his previous life, his body was thin and muscular.

After exercising for an hour, Li Jin took a shower with cold water.



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1 year ago

Thanks for the update! I love this story when there is a new chapter I am very happy.

And we discovered one more personality trait of Li Jin that he is possessive and I’m glad he recognized Qin Mu Wen and the baby as a family. And in the future I hope to know more about Qin Mu Wen.

4 months ago

Two hours of exercise *horrified*