TLJDFL: Chapter-14 Mowing (Part-1)


Society was divided by hierarchical boundaries like scholars, farmers, and merchants. 

Scholars were the most admired professionals in this society.

It was just that Li Jin had learnt the lifestyle of the rich and was obsessed with the top beauty of the brothel in the town. 

But his family was very poor, so how could he afford that lifestyle? 

Li Jin’s family didn’t have meat to eat even on New Year, and the whole family depended on the money made by sewing purses by his wife. 

This was the reason why everyone in the village looked down on Li Jin.

Besides, Li Jin’s parents always proclaimed Li Jin was studying to become a talented scholar in the town. 

But the villagers had never seen Li Jin with a book or pen. 

Over time, everyone thought that Li Jin had only wasted his parents’ money in school and learned nothing.

Watching Li Jin’s moves while he was playing chess with Li Daniu, the onlooker’s felt Li Jin was not too useless.

The people in the village felt that maybe Li Jin had learnt something in the town while he was studying there.

As a result, more and more onlookers came to watch Li Jin’s chess moves.

While finishing the game, Li Jin told Li Daniu, “My husband had just given birth to a child, so I can’t stay outside for long. I will come and play chess with you next time.” 

Li Daniu was turned almost dumb by Li Jin’s impeccable chess moves.

Initially, Li Daniu thought that he made a good move, but he didn’t expect to unknowingly fall into Li Jin’s trap and lose the game in only three moves.

Li Daniu said, “I can’t play like this with you, please remember to take a few more steps before finishing the game next time. It’s too hard to play with you.”

Li Jin agreed and said, “Definitely.”

After Li Jin left, Li Daniu called someone else to play chess with him. 

“Er Gouzi come, let’s play a game of chess! Playing chess with Li Jin is too laborious.”

The man had a bitter expression on his face but still sat opposite Li Daniu to play a game and said, “Brother, I will not be able to beat you.”

Li Daniu handed two copper coins to Er Gouzi, and said, “Take this and accompany me in the next round.”

The man took the money and started playing chess with LI Daniu.

When others saw Li Daniu’s heavy purse, someone asked with a smile, “Brother, have you made a fortune recently?”

Li Daniu said, “Not a fortune, it’s just that earlier Li Jin bought some mattresses from me and today he made the payment for it.”

The villagers got speechless.

Li Jin’s family was so poor, where did he get the money to return it to Li Daniu?

With some emotion, Li Daniu said, “Being a scholar is amazing, you just have to copy a few books for the bookstore and you can buy many mattresses. And here we have to work hard on fields to make some money.”

He enviously said, “After Li Jin took the mattresses, I went to the village chief’s house to calculate the money. It took village-chief some time to count the money, but Li Jin only took a glance at the list and directly calculated the money.”

Someone didn’t believe Li Daniu’s words, and asked, “If Li Jin was so good at making money then why would his family ask for money from other villagers to make their ends meet?”

While playing chess, Li Daniu said, “Maybe before he wasn’t interested in making money. But, now his husband has given birth to a child, Li Jin has to support his family. So, he went out and tried to make some money.”

Li Daniu had a good personality whoever beat him in chess, he thought the other person was somewhat good.

Li Daniu’s words created a better impression of Li Jin in the minds of the villagers.

Li Jin’s image of being a total waste got somewhat improved in the eyes of few villagers.

For others, only when they come into contact with Li Jin, then they would know the change in the Li Jin’s personality. 

For many, Li Jin was still the waste.



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thank you for the update!!!!!!!! been waiting for this!!!!!❤

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Its a diff. Soul in 1 body.
Here i can read that there is no love yet. Its even worse that the child is a ger.
I hope they would have a child next time and its a boy