TLJDFL: Chapter-13 Pay Back (Part-3)


As a doctor, Li Jin had met many people, but he had never met someone like this teenager.

A person who was so warm-hearted, and spoke so softly to others.

Looking at the teenager, Li Jin said, “Since you have already picked the work, you can complete it. But, take adequate rest in between, and try not to tire yourself.”

Li Jin added, “I have to go to the town in a few days, I will bring some cloth back. If you are free after that, you could make me some clothes.”

Li Jin felt that something was odd with the second half of the sentence.

In the first half, his words were more like doctor’s advice, but in the second half, he had said something out of context.

Had any doctor ever asked his patient to make clothes for himself?

The teenager’s eyes lit up after hearing Li Jin’s words, and he quickly nodded, “Hmmm!”

Li Jin cooked light food for lunch, he made two bowls of noodles with an egg on top. 

He added some wild stir-fried vegetables to the noodles.

Just as he had finished eating lunch, Li Daniu came over with the chessboard.

“Li Jin, let’s play chess and help me learn some of your great skills!”

Li Jin nodded, he still had to pay back for the mattresses to Li Daniu.

Li Daniu stared at Li Jin, as Li Jin took the bowl from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Li Daniu thought Li Jin had become different from the past, he learned to put away the bowl.

When Li Jin’s mother was still alive, Li Jin was truly a waste, he didn’t even carry his bowl, but right now he was carrying his husband’s bowl.

Li Daniu didn’t know that Li Jin was carrying the bowl from which his husband ate, but also made boiled noodles with eggs, and stir-fried vegetables. He would truly be shocked to death.

After Li Jin finished washing the bowl, Li Daniu anxiously took his arm and asked him to play chess.

Li Jin pulled out his arm from Li Daniu’s grip and said, “Don’t worry about chess. I will pay the money back first.”

“Money?” Li Daniu asked. 

While looking at the heavy purse in Li Jin’s hand, Li Daniu was surprised and asked, “You are giving the mattress money back so soon?”

Hearing Li Daniu’s question, Li Jin raised his eyebrows, and politely said, “I don’t like owing money to anyone.”

Li Daniu was speechless after hearing Li Jin’s words. 

Didn’t Li Jin daily pester Li Zhuzi to borrow money?

The original Li Jin was like a parasite who was intertwined with Li Zhuzi’s family. That was the reason why Li Zhuzi’s wife didn’t like Li Jin.

After knowing that Li Jin wanted to pay back, Li Daniu took out a piece of paper and gave it to Li Jin.

Li Daniu said, “I only know that you have to pay me two hundred pennies. This is the list written by the village chief.”

He added, “Four catties of cotton and four feet of cloth was used to make the mattress. One catty of cotton cost ten pennies, and one-foot cloth cost three pennies. Adding the 20 pennies as the making-charge, the total cost of one mattress is 72 pennies. And for two, the cost is 144 pennies. The diaper and others count for fifty-five pennies. The total amount is 200 pennies.”

Li Daniu didn’t know how to count or read, so he asked the village chief to write it down for him.

Li Jin directly gave the total amount to Li Daniu. Two hundred pennies was not a small amount, it was enough to feed a family for a month.

Li Daniu has helped him when he needed it the most, he would remember this kindness.

After paying the money back, Li Jin went to play chess with Li Daniu.

In less than half an hour, Li Daniu lost three times to Li Jin. His face had turned green with envy now.

Many young people who had come back after farming surrounded them, and watched their game.

Everyone knew that Li Daniu loved chess and was a good player. He rarely found an opponent who could defeat him in the village.

They were all here to watch Li Jin lose to Li Daniu. After all, Li Jin was a waste.

Last time, when they heard that Li Jin helped Li Daniu in chess, they thought Li Jin was just fortunate to stumble upon the move.

But now looking at Li Daniu’s chess moves in front of Li Jin, everyone was shocked.

Everyone’s eyes changed, they thought that a scholar would always be a scholar.

There would be a talent exam in a few months, if Li Jin passed he would become an official!

However, Li Jin didn’t give too much thought to this. He was still thinking about how to grow vegetables and harvest wheat from the fields.



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1 year ago

Thank you for the update ❤️ I do enjoy how the previous body owner turns into a foil for the transmigrated MC but sometimes I just want to scream you’re too different! XD luckily he has the scholarly world and local home world so he can bend the truth about either when talking to people of the opposite side?

1 year ago

Thx for the update :3

1 year ago

is there an update schedule for this?? also thank you for translating very good

1 year ago

Thank you for the update

Doytch Magient
Doytch Magient
1 year ago

Why do every transmigrated people so hard pressed into doing a tiring farm work instead of be an official, a save job of civil servant …
At least i hope he become a doctor, not a farmer.

Lemon Bro
Lemon Bro
1 year ago
Reply to  Doytch Magient

Maybe they want some new experience?😳🤔🧐

1 year ago

Thank you for the update. 😊

7 months ago

I love soft and cute stores like this 😌