TLJDFL: Chapter-13 Pay Back (Part-2)


The gers had a good relationship among themselves because they all were facing the same peril. Everyone shared the same low status in their family. 

So, they stick together and talk to each other about day-to-day life.

Whenever they converse, Qin Mu Wen would only listen to their words but never added a word into those conversations.

Everyone had long known Qin Mu Wen’s condition, after all, they all live in the same. Li Jin was a terrible husband, and Qin Mu Wen never had a good time after marrying him.

That’s the reason why they always felt pity towards Qin Mu Wen.

It was quite shocking that the pitiful Qin Mu Wen suddenly became not so pitiful.

This was like a beggar who didn’t have a place to live suddenly got a house, and those who usually helped the beggar to sustain couldn’t keep up with the changed fortune of the beggar.

There was a weird feeling in their heart, and they didn’t know how to react.

This was the first time when Qin Mu Wen was chatting and smiling with them.

After they left Li Jin’s house, no one spoke but everyone knew that when they would meet Li Jin in the future, they had to behave cordially.

Li Jin didn’t anticipate the things in those baskets were to make money. He was just wondering how full this basket was.

When Li Jin asked, Qin Mu Wen quietly whispered.

“I have taken this work, sewing a purse or two handkerchiefs for a penny.”

Qin Mu Wen added, “The owner has given the fabric and thread. I have to hand it in after sewing. “

Li Jin frowned, and inquired, “How much time does it take you to sew a purse?”

“Usually, I can sew three purses in one hour, but sewing handkerchiefs was faster.”

Two purses in one hour, and if you sew for six hours a day, then only you would be able to sew twelve purses and earn twelve pennies a day.

Li Jin picked up the basket and counted the cloth material and said, “There are materials for twenty purses and twenty handkerchiefs in this basket. When do you plan to sew them?”

With some caution and hesitation, the teenager said, “I have to hand it to the owner in seven days.”

The gers knew he just had a child hence they brought less work for him. After all, Qin Mu Wen still had to take care of the baby.

Even during the pregnancy, Qin Mu Wen went to cultivate the field in the morning, and sew those purses in the afternoon and night.

But, this kind of high-priced work didn’t come often, so Qin Mu Wen was only able to earn ten pennies a day on an average.

Li Jin found that this kind of work was too exhausting. You have to look and sew one stitch at a time carefully. It was not as easy as it seems.

Although Li Jin had accepted the teenager and the baby children as his family. But, the feelings need to be cultivated gradually.

That’s why Li Jin didn’t ask the teenager to not take this work.

Instead, Li Jin asked, “Can your body handle it?”

Qin Mu Wen nodded and said, “I have sewn three purses from the morning. A’Jin, I can handle…”

Li Jin slowly understood that the youth was someone who couldn’t live free.

He had been working continuously for this family for two years, and after suddenly getting a leave for rest, he was feeling uneasy.

Li Jin didn’t comment. 

Li Jin had already calculated that after this work the youth wouldn’t need to take such intensive work to sustain the family.

Qin Mu Wen became more anxious when he found that Li Jin didn’t blame him.

He couldn’t stop but proactively asked, “A’Jin, are you angry with me?”

Li Jin didn’t understand the question and asked, “Huh?”

“You have asked me to lie down in the bed and have a good rest. But here I went ahead and took this work behind my back.”

Qin Mu Wen slowly added, “If you are angry with this, I will return these things to the owner.”

The teenager was extremely sensitive. 

The teenager was used to Li Jin’s beating, but seeing Li Jin was so kind to him, he didn’t know what to do.

Qin Mu Wen didn’t dare to behave arrogantly after getting Li Jin’s kindness. He just didn’t want the previous Li Jin to come back.



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Lemon Bro
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