TLJDFL: Chapter-13 Pay Back (Part-1)


Qin Mu Wen hugged the baby and lowered his head because he was afraid to face Li Jin’s temper.

Although Mu Wen was doing those miscellaneous sewing works to subsidize his family. But, he still went against Li Jin’s words to take rest properly when he picked up the needle to work.

If this person looking at him was the previous Li Jin, Mu Wen would have shouted and said, “This is for feeding our family.”

But, this Li Jin was different, looking at him, Qin Mu Wen felt guilty.

Qin Mu Wen was born into a good family. His father was the Lord Minister so no one in his father’s backyard dared to talk to his father like that. 

And, his other father was a ger who was naturally very docile.

From an early age, Qin Mu Wen was educated to obey his husband’s words and be well-behaved in front of his husband.

The sewing work was given by the other gers who came to visit him and sent him those clothes to mend.

“Recently, a newly rich family moved into the town. They want a uniform dress for the maids and servants they have hired in their family. Isn’t this a good opportunity to sew more pouches and handkerchiefs?”

He also added, “The price they are paying is much higher than the usual! So, A’Wen, I decided to bring some for you.”

Qin Mu Wen was feeling sorry for lying and wasting the time while doing nothing to help Li Jin.

He wanted to use the time when Li Jin was away to sew some clothes and earn some money so buy soft fabric pieces to make new clothes for the baby.

 So, Qin Mu Wen thanked those people who came to give him clothes and accepted them to sew.

After giving the clothes, those people looked at Qin Mu Wen’s child.

“A’Wen was very lucky that he survived that hard day.”

“Is the child a boy?”

“Quickly, let’s take a look at the child.”

With some embarrassment, Qin Mu Wen said, “No, the child is not a boy, but a ger.”

He gently picked up the baby, and let everyone look at him

Everyone present there could easily see a small red mole present on the newborn’s brow.

The atmosphere became a bit thick, and everyone looked at him with pity.

“A ger. Oh my god, why is your fate so bad, A’Wen?” 

“But, Thank God, Li Jin couldn’t marry others. You should try to give birth to a baby boy next time.”

Qin Mu Wen was also anxious that Li Jin would not like a ger as his child.

But thinking of Li Jin’s behavior towards the child from last night to this morning, Mu Wen somehow believed that Li Jin liked the child. 

Li Jin had treated the child very gently, last night when he woke up at midnight, he saw Li Jin was feeding the child rice cereal patiently.

Although Li Jin didn’t express his opinion on the gender of the child, Qin Mu Wen already felt that Li Jin cared about the child very much.

Qin Mu Wen could never have dreamed that Li Jin would care about his newborn child, even knowing the baby was ger.

Earlier Mu Wen had only imagined giving birth to a boy, so Li’s family could have a future. 

He hoped after looking at the baby boy, Li Jin could stop drinking and take care of him and the baby.

But, this was not the case, he was not able to give birth to a boy. And Li Jin too behaved out of character this time.

This time, Li Jin behaved himself like a real man, a man who could stand by his family as the backbone. He didn’t behave like a feeble teenager. 

Without any sadness, Qin Mu Wen smiled and said, “This baby is my first-born child. His looks are very similar to his father. He would look good after growing up.”

Everyone had known Li Jin’s and seen his face. Hearing those words, they didn’t know how to carry forward this conversation.



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